Trading feature(plz hear me)

Been playing this game for some time and I feel like trading cards should be added to the game play as a new feature. I know it has been a topic for a long time but hear me out first, if anyone can agree at some point this time.

Speaking of trading, at first, it sounds not very suitable to the gameplay especially for new players. It hurts the game economy and it makes the new players much easier to get what they need without the in game store purchases.(obviously it’s not what the devs like to see). Also it may not be fair to old players. However, what if we use this trading feature only to make our life easier without hurting anything?

We can only trade the same rarety cards, and it cost maybe 300k soul to complete the trading for both players. For example I have 10 extra copies of infernus and I’ve been trying to get famine but I never get lucky enough. So I put my infernus(full traits required) on the trading post(whatever it’s called) and then I need to spend 300k souls(for mythics, 200k for lengendaries, maybe) to complete my request. Then other players can check the trading list and pick my infernus if they have famine to finish the trading with another 300k souls. With this said, 300k is not an easy amount of souls for new players, and till the day they have that much, they should be allowed to trade their first few mythics(or maybe not at all) with something that are really useful to them. For old players moreover, 300k souls are not a problem at all but what could be the headache then? Maybe that 10 extra copies of infernus and the empty spot of famine. Exchange those amount of extra mythics for 150 souls per each? It just doesn’t sound right to me lol.

4000 diamonds for a mythic does not sound too bad to me anymore but still, it can be a very slow prossess to new players. Getting a new mythic from the chests sounds sweet, but what if it doesn’t help your team at all or you really don’t like it? Maybe I can use 300k souls to trade with other players for something I really need? (Surely it doesn’t has to be the one or the only recourse to do so, with some more gems maybe?) Of course it’s just another idea but I personally feel that it’s a cool feature.

If you ever used Pokémon GTS feature then you should have some sense for what I’ve been talking about. You don’t trade stuff for free and it’s pretty expensive to do so here. For people who like to spend money in this game with this feature, they still need to get that 300k souls with whatever they like to spend. In other words, gems and glory are still two valuable resource if you use them to buy souls lol. Anyways just some ideas here only.

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This will never happen unfortunately as this would allow players to trade troops for real money behind the scenes.

Sorry but that is the truth.

Yes you are right. But think about that if you need these requirements to complete trading, and I believe there will be a lot of players having what you need, why would you spend real money for the third party traders?

Make the cost 4k diamonds for each trader :rofl: