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Top Tier Tenants

I have just reached Tier 1 and my feeling of accomplishment has returned. This feels like my good old GoW! Except now I’m earning far more glory, gold, and trophies for my pvp time. I think I might just be a believer in 2.0!

Thought it would be fun to have thread for us casual gamers to cheer each other on for hitting that top tier, regardless of rank!

Share your victory and be praised here!

Because… Why not?! :wink:


Still working on getting there in between my Math and Physics study… :’( 800 more PVP points to go…

Grats on getting Tier 1 though :smiley:


Math and physics are important. Without them we wouldn’t be able to understand why the gems fall the way they do or how to calculate our rewards! :yum:


Grats guys…!

Yes definately gratz - for the casual player it is indeed a long and precarious road to reach the (new) Champ staus. I can do better than praise @efh313 - for you - this crown :crown:


Even better, for you, @efh313, have this chocolate brownie :poop:

Just kidding… I meant have this cheese :cheese: (assuming that, like my children, you love cheese more than anything in the world…)


LOL my daughter would eat cheese for every meal if she had the choice!!

I love veggies more than any other food group, i am not a vegetarian if i can not help it though.