Top Bracket 1 guild war players

I have been a top scoring consistent bracket 1 player since I hit lvl 1000. Would like to know other consistent bracket 1 players and their thoughts on game play. What do you average? How long have you been playing? Do you like exploders on every team or lean towards converters? Do you have a guild where a few players build the teams and everyone plays them or are you a loner? I could go on and on, but anything you want to add would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll be happy to answer once you tell me a little about yourself…
What’s your actual invite code? The one you have on your profile isn’t a working one.
What guild are you in?
What platform?
What do you feel is a high score in GW?
Level 1k is pretty much mid game at this point. So to have success that early on in bracket 1 is very impressive. Based on that… Why dig for strategy then? You seem to know what you’re doing.

While I won’t discuss the type of teams I use I will say that all my moves are very strategic and I think them through very carefully like a game of chess.

You need to anticipate your enemies move and what they can do to counter your move as your counter theirs.


I dont know why the invite code was wrong, I thought it needed the correct one to even set up this account. It is fixed.
Unforgiven, xbox, anything above 50k is decent I have never been below 53k since I joined the unforgiven in bracket 1 about 1 year ago. I was under lvl 1000. 780 sticks in my head but I was over 1000 in no time. My first bracket 1 I was under lvl 1000.
I am in no way digging for strategy, nor do I need it. I am just looking to see if there is a certain play style that all top performers use. I would like to see more players able to compete in bracket 1. I am not looking for teams or troops. I would just like to know others thought processes.

Why wont you discuss the style of teams you like? I am not looking for teams or troops. Telling me you prefer loops or heavy hitters or explode into a storm wont tell me the teams or colors you are using them on. What level are you? Are you bracket 1? What do you score on average? Etc…

Thank you for answering my questions.
I’ll now unfollow this thread because this feels like entrapment.
Good luck getting strategy tips while at the same time stating you aren’t looking for strategy tips. :+1:

I knew this thread would be impossible because of people like you. Entrapment of what? I try to talk about something I am interested in and you just shut me down because of what? You stated you would give an answer after I answered all of your questions, which I did. I have been nothing but honest. You have been nothing but a liar. Dont say you will answer and then come back and make me out to be the bad person.

This is quite funny to read. Some think you are after secrets lol. News flash. There are no secrets in Gems of War. I thought everyone knew that.

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This has been a strange topic so far. People have been needlessly evasive. Then again, the person above me said there are no secrets in Gems of War. If that’s the case, none of these questions matter and don’t need to be answered as it should already be known.

Weird stuff.

Average: 57,500 +/- 200 pts depending on how the AI feels. Also may lose a match, depending on how the AI feels. shrug

Start time: 1st started May 17, 2015, but I have had some time away.

Exploders or Converters: Unfortunately, it depends. What I can mention is I can/have used both. There’s also Titan/Frostmage/TPK etc where you get explosions from doing basically nothing.

Last question: Guild where a few players build the teams

I am just giving my opinion about topic. What I mean about secrets is if I have a new Def no one has seen for example it will only be new once then copied so new no longer. It will even be all over pvp so yes secrets out. Maybe the person is asking for fun. Don’t really know because I’m only commenting on thread. I use non exploders more since Nerf I don’t lose very often and when I do it’s not my fault :sunglasses:

Level 1228, Paragon in bracket 220 or something with 56730 total points, leaning towards exploders and AoE because of how every move allegedly costs us points, but I’m certain the strategy must differ in the top 50 brackets :sweat_smile:

Wish there were more threads where top players would share what they know about GvG, instead of treating it as some top secret recipe: e.g. is it true that killing an opponent with True Damage will cost us points on the damage not done to Armor? does mana-wastage matter? what are the highest possible (or documented) scores on each of the 5 battles?


I definately dont know for sure. But true damage should not be any different unless the enemy has damaged you. You want to do more damage and collect more mana at I believe 4 to 1 is max points, so anything over 4 to 1 ratio. So if ai happens to deal enough damage to drop all your armor (if armor and life are similar of course) your ratio goes out the window dealing true damage. With regular damage you would still be able to pull a 2 to 1, but with true it would only be 1 to 1.
You want 4 troops remaining at the end of battle. You want to win in the least amount of turns with the least amount of moves.
Always use 4 color of the day troops for offense and 24 unique troops on defense (colors do not matter for defense.

Is this your overall average or your average when you dont have a loss? With losses occasionally in that average you would have to score 58k on a pretty regular basis?

@AMT have you read “Guild Wars, Point-Scoring for Battles, and You!”? It gives a general breakdown of the factors that affect score, much of which is copied into the Help Centre article ( Some of the discussion covers a few side-notes, like lethal effects (e.g. Scorpius, Megavore) not counting towards damage.

What Earnham said re: (true) damage and mana is pretty spot on, as far as I’m aware (mainly from reading, but also experience).

  • True damage still counts as damage, it just means that there isn’t as much to contribute to the ratio (which caps out at 4:1), since it only concerns Life. Not an issue if you don’t take much damage!
  • Not 100% sure what you meant about ‘mana wastage’, but as far as I’m aware, it only takes into account mana collected, not used. I’m actually not sure whether or not it includes Mana colors not used by your troops… I think it was asked in the thread but didn’t get an answer. Could be wrong.

I’m pretty sure the maximum possible score for any possible day is 9,820 9,800 (sorry, was getting mixed up with the max possible score for a Paragon battle, 1,820) (assuming 0 moves made – killed from Omen traits/Accursed, I guess :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). We started out pretty low in the brackets, so I’ve been able to test a few things out – and have been able to win in 1 move from Omen traits/storm/AoE a few times.

The score was (I think exactly? It’s been a while since I looked at it, so I can’t remember exactly) exactly 1% of the base score away from 5.2 * (base score), so I felt reasonably comfortable extrapolating the total bonus from the 4 factors (damage, mana, troops, moves) to x3.2, with an added x2 for the color bonus.

Iirc, the points lost from moves made caps out after 30 moves (from the thread).

So ‘moves made’ accounts for 0.3/3.2 of the bonus from those 4 factors, not taking into account the color bonus.

In terms of documented scores, this is the thread you’re looking for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:: Whats your Guild Wars Top Score?. Has popped up to the top a couple of times recently.

On me: level ~1260, in-game name Little Jonathan, PC/Mobile. GM/founder of the GemMakin’BobsledTeam, currently in Bracket ~150(?) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Generally score ~56-7k+, especially now that our statues are maxed :stuck_out_tongue:. We had TWO (2!!) other active guilds in our Bracket last time!!!

I hope this is relevant, despite not being in B1 – just trying to help answer AMT!!! :stuck_out_tongue::vulcan_salute::sweat_smile:


My apologies, that’s my average when I don’t have a loss. Haven’t been keeping track of my average score overall since once a month GW defeats most motivations to care about stat tracking. My friend does a better job of that.

I don’t think you can get an accurate assessment of exact score value with only 12 GWs a year and at the rate new troops come out. I still remember when 56k at 30/0 was a good score, and now that’s something you can hit with a -1.

I usually go 30/0, but not always. The nature of the empowered defense life. shrug

58,000 score is definitely possible in Bracket 1, but I probably won’t hit it with these current troops due to the nature of the AI. Never have had 30 matches in a row where the AI isn’t trying to do something funny somewhere.

Thanks for the rocking info! That’s what I mean by knowledge-sharing from the more seasoned GvG players! :metal::pray:

Ref. Mana Wastage
Was wondering whether e.g. I collect blue mana, but none of my troops use blue mana (or if they do, but are already at max mana), if that would negatively impact my score.

An yes, I would love a public exact formula on point-calculation: it would allow for optimization with less secrecy between the ‘knows’ and the ‘know-nots’ :sweat_smile:

Even all the secrecy around offense teams is borderline moot, since tailoring to the specific defense is imperative :thinking:

Thanks again @Jonathan !

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I dont think mana can be wasted. It just counts mana you actually collect. Troops must absorb the mana for it to count.

I don’t believe anyone that plays the game is supposed to know the exact scoring system. If I knew which weighed the heaviest I would focus on that. For all I know it switches around % each wars for each catagory.

Some teams are secret simply because they are that good. I definately have a couple days that I never worry about.

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Which is exactly what we do thanks to the fact that we know which color gives extra points on a particular day: the challenge becomes trying to focus on the point-making, while ensuring a victory, which is significantly why GvG is not just another PvP

With less transparency, all we achieve is that a smaller number of players (e.g. those who are in a top guild that has cracked some of the point-system code) will be able to focus on the optimization

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