Whats your Guild Wars Top Score?


My wife in intrim iv scored …


just wondering whats everyones top scores ?


Time to maybe swap guilds with the wife DoA :wink: … I think I squeezed a little over 9,600 once


very nice! I got this today, I think it may be my highest. Looks like it could be a little better :slight_smile: image


I think i managed something around 9,4k a few times. Nowadays when i play it i get around 8,8~9k when i don’t lose any troop.


I think this is mine, from about six weeks ago.



Mine is 9,701. You win Goodwill. :frowning:


I have only peaked out at 8.9K. My defense teams need work.


Mines reached 9,967


I- really don’t think that’s even possible? I could see 5 perfect games maybe reaching into the 9,800s, but mid 9,900’s? I’d need a screenshot to believe that.



Joking aside, from my personal experience, scoring exactly 9,400 once make me so happy. Normally, I’m happy with any 9K point daily and 50K total. If it gets any lower than that, then I have to rethink my whole strategy.


No it hasn’t


To be fair, it was like bracket 55 or some trash. LOL. So, that really doesn’t count.

Bracket 1, 9640s.


I’d need to see a video to believe 9800 or 9900.
This is first 9700 I’ve ever seen or heard of.
Incredible score. Congrats on that


Yeah it was only once tho

Yes it has it only happened once and hasn’t happened since


From the same person who think every new weapon are old weapon i don’t believe it


it was only 3


I had 9706 (maybe higher or lower by a few points) and I only remember because I told DTT about it … It was also when I was in intrim IV.


Maybe you should create a forum thread here posting screenshots of all weapons you currently own.
Then when you claim one has been released already, there will be proof :wink:

Apologies if this looks like flaming btw, not my intention :slight_smile:
Completely off-topic too.
I’ll get my coat :rofl:


That’s a great idea thanks Graeme


I heard 9800 was the highest possible but that’s not possible if the enemy gets a turn so 9700 plus is probably as much as you can hope for. Mine is 9600 and some change…