Whats your Guild Wars Top Score?


I heard 9800 was the highest possible but that’s not possible if the enemy gets a turn so 9700 plus is probably as much as you can hope for. Mine is 9600 and some change…


My guildmate has the highest score I’ve ever seen - we’ve had tons in the 9.6k range at TAG but this is the first 9.7 I can remember so I had him send me a screen shot which I’ve attached here. (he also has a video of the 5 matches but I’ll leave that for him if he wants to share it)




I’m not saying they do, but the devs can stealth adjust GW scoring.


My highest has been 9,786


dean will chuck be in the next season? xD


You’ll just have to wait and find out wont you :grin:


So you got the second highest record possible, only second to RedRoseWarrior, but that one seems like he just make that number up, so if your score are real, you’re actually the best. Congrats!

Also, just wondering, are you also from alternate timeline? Did The Flash bring you here?


If you don’t have a SS then it doesn’t count. Basic internet rule here. The forums are not exempt from this.


Pics or it didn’t happen!


9667, Bracket1


My best.

Ps4 brown day.

What color day was it that you scored that @DEMONorANGEL.

And should we have one record for each color and a weekly overall score?


Brown day :innocent:


What about the highest weekly total?


I scored a few points over 9.7k, once. Someone I spoke to claimed they “normally” get 9.8k with a certain team (I’m VERY skeptical to put it mildly) and he had zero proof… of course.

Anything over 9.7 is highly unusual, and an exceptional score.

Nice score @Calv1n


My highscore was also brown day. Can’t imagine why…


I’m not from an alternate timeline and no the flash didn’t bring me here lol. AwRyan is correct I should’ve tooken a screenshot


Today I had a score of 9.407, my highest until now.


Beat my old record today! :slight_smile:


The best scores we have seen in bracket 1
Rd 1 = 3288
Rd 2 = 1421
Rd 3 = 1545
Rd 4 = 1667
Rd 5 = 1803
Total possible to date is 9724. Not saying this is a ceiling number.
57310 is also our bracket 1 weekly best score but we have seen higher from non bracket 1 GWs. 57503 in bracket 144.