Whats your Guild Wars Top Score?


I honestly have no idea, but today I hit 9449, so I guess I’ll go with that lol.


I’ve had higher scores in lower brackets but this is my best in B2…

Was also my highest score against a paragon


My best paragon score. Brown day ps4. But first match was slow and lost a troop so I wasn’t able to break my daily record.

9,585 today.


My best weekly score bracket 1. :grin:


nice congratz


Wow! Gratz, huge score vs Paragon!


Pics or it didn’t happen?


How about pics and it didn’t happen?


Photoshop ???


Too good to be real, at this point i want to see a video to believe it :slight_smile:

edit: nevermind i missed that part


I would never stoop to Photoshopping a picture for proof! I used Windows Paint!


If not actually my best, it’s real close to it. Plus, I get to be Paragon next time!


This is my best ever score from a while ago in bracket 2. Would have been paragon again but my guild leader beat me by 22 points




I can’t lie, this made my day @Zepp.


This week on Xbox we saw the highest ever Bracket 1 total score for any guild! :grinning:

How about you guys on Ps4 and PC/Mobile? What is the highest totals you’ve seen?


We were the first guild EVER to score the highest across all platforms last guild wars. This was our high. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::star_struck:


Theives set a new record I believe.


Yes they did but we did it first. They broke our record. Congratulations


This is Intrim’s High score for the Week image

Anonymous holds the record at 1.658m on PC/mobile.I’m sure someone over there has a pic.


That’s a very high score. That was this war as well. That’s very awesome. Congratulations. You guys did it in. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: