Top 50 Guild WILLOWS (Ranked 42) 4 SPOTS OPEN

*Willows Guild is RECRUITING AGAIN
Updated 14.03.2017 (AUS)

Members: 26/30 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE
Guild Level: 425
Guild Ranking: 42
Daily Gold Bonus: 300%
Average Seals: 35k per week
Desired Requirements: 150k Gold, 1200+ Seals and 150+ Trophies
(See Guild Ranking System Below)

We consistently complete at least 5 Guardians each week and other Guardians are usually around Level 7-9.
Attack, Magic and Life buffs are our priority.

Guild Ranking System
Ranks will begin to change every Sunday based on participation. Rank Requirements are on a sliding scale to continue to challenge members and also to filter out less active players over time. When you achieve a Rank, you will stay that Rank until the next Saturday when participation is re-evaluated and Rank Requirements are updated. Sunday if you are a Recruit and have not given notice to Dark Helmet, Nightmare or Hemlis as to why you can not participate you will be replaced.

Current Requirement: Anything less than Legionnaire Requirements
Explanation: If you are in this rank on the weekend then you are about to be kicked from the Guild. Failure to meet the minimum requirements will only be excused if you have spoken to Dark Helmet, Nightmare or Hemlis in Guild chat or on FB regarding the reason you are unable to participate. You will be moved to the rank of Legionnaire if you have been excused from requirements.

Current Requirement: 100k / 500s / 100t
Explanation: This Rank is mainly for members that have been in the Guild during previous weekly requirements. The requirements for this rank will slowly increase over time and can be considered the bare minimum required to stay in the guild. Members on leave or who are new also sit here.

Current Requirement: 150k / 1200s /150t
Explanation: This Rank is where most members should aim to sit as this is the desired requirement range for ALL members. Most members contribute either heavier on gold or seals based on play style and Kingdom levels. If you join, We expect to see you in this rank or better on a regular basis.

Current Requirement: 200k / 1500s /200t
Explanation: This Rank is for the more competitive members. All three requirements must be met to achieve this rank. The requirements will continue to increase based on participation in order to limit the number of members in this Rank.

Current Requirement: Become Guild Leader
Explanation: This position is currently filled.

We expect all members to be active in Guild Chat.
We also have a Facebook Group (GoW Willows Guild Group) so please join this once in the guild.


DARK HELMET (Leader of Willows)

I see what you did there. :wink: (@ExtraTurn you gotta see this… lol)

Forgive me, but your introduction was amazing so i borrowed your layout and adapted to my own guild will remove upon your request if need be @NeMEsis916

It’s cool man, no worries. Maybe just a little less of my words in there at some point would be nice. :wink: Good luck.

Spots are opening up again if there is any interest in joining just jump on in with your invite code

Hello, I would be interested in joining. I can maintain 400k+ gold, 1500 seals, and 300 or so trophies per week. Invite code is CECIL_24

Hi, will be glad to join, my invite code: DAELTAN

Make sure you leave current guild @cecil @Daeltan

I like to join, I can meet all your requirements weekly. invite code :SPARKHAWJ

@sparkher need to leave current guild

Guild Full at the moment will be accepting more new members on Monday AEST if youre interested leave your infomation here and i will get back to you ASAP


Spots still available for those wanting to join our fight for the top 50

Bump. Still looking for 3 members.

I’d like to join. Invite code: DISILLUSIONIST.


Still 3 Spots open for people who want ti help move Willows into the top 50

Bump, one open spot

I’d like to join. I’m around lvl 100, have been playing for 3 weeks. I’ve been very active since I started out, and have no problem meeting Commander/Sentinel requirements. I’m in a guild currently, but told the leader before joining that I would probably join something else after a few weeks, which he was OK with.

Let me know what you decide and I will quit my current one.

EDIT: Invite code: ARCH_5

Please leave your current guild and i will invite you asap