Top 50 Guild WILLOWS (Ranked 42) 4 SPOTS OPEN


Done, heading out for a bit, bbl.




If you still have an opening, I’m interested.
Invite code is COMPOSE
I’ll need to leave a guild to join


I’m sorry but don’t have an idea what is wrong. We have 29 members but the guild status show 30/30. So it’s a bit tricky if you leave your current guild and can’t join ours.


I’ll risk it. I’m leaving the guild now.


I’m really sorry. Got the message that the guild is full while trying to invite you. Hope you’ll fast find another great guild.


DarkHelmet, I’d like to join your guild.
I’m kinda new to gems of war, playing 2.5 weeks from now, level 60+, easily meeting commander requirements (except for gold, as I spend most of it upgrading my kingdom, heh. But doable for sure:)).

My invite code is: VASSILY_3


Sorry ikar, Dark Helmet is AFK this week so the topic subject isn’t edited. We’re full at this moment.


Well, I’ll wait. Will join some random guild for now, ping me here if you’ll have an opening!:wink:


Still Full ATM but always looking on mondays to clear out any inactives please leave message here if keen and when spots open we will get in touch only active players need apply NO TIME WASTERS


We have one open spot now


Theres is a spot open if youre still keen


Invite sent…


Thanks everybody. We’re full for now.


One open spot. Tell me why i don’t like mondays?


HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Willows has a VACANCY for an active member capable of meeting our REQ. (See Above). We are an active guild with members across the globe, i have also been informed that we are the LONGEST running Guild in the game. Also recently broken back into the TOP 50 after an absence of OVER A YEAR, just goest to show how hard working we are, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in becoming on of the family and joininf g a TOP 50 RANKED GUILD them comment below your invite code and what you can offer. And someone qill be with you shortly.


Dark Helmet


Another Spot has opened up today anyone joining mid week has exemption from requirements although come turn of event we expect you will endeavour to reach our SENTINEL rank or at least COMMANDER

leave invite code here if interested

PS you need to leave current guild befor we can onvite


If you are still recruiting I am looking for a new guild. I am only level 88 but have my 4 magic kingdoms level 10. I usually can do at least 200-300k gold and at least 1k seals and around 200 trophies. Let me know, thank you


I am interested in possibly joining. I am at just over 1M gold contributed, 1.5k seals and about 250 trophies for this week. Usually I have way more trophies, but I have been doing maps for this event.


We are full now but a spot will be opening at the turn of events at least one can you give invite code and i will get back to you tomorrow night when you need to leave your current guild