Overhauling Willows Guild Rank 47

Willows GUILD is recruiting
We are a rising guild looking for actives to reap the benefits of a strong guild with strong players

We have of minimum requirements
500k/ALL guild wars/300t

Our rankings are firm and change weekly
Meet ALL these requirements you will gain 3 ranks only 2 gain 2 ranks etc failure to meet them will work opposite and failure to meet ALL 3 will not be tolerated we expect that ALL members will contribute and we will have ZERO hangers on.

We expect that upon joining the guild you will also join put Facebook group GoW Willows Guild Group as this is a much more efficient way of communication and we have some excellent members who are quite well versed in the game who offer amazing TIPS and help to all

Currently all our Guardians are up over level 105 and we easily finish 5 of them weekly this is why we are recruiting so as we can begin getting all of them complete and even some Legendaries

Seals are not a requirement but they certainly don’t hurt

You WILL benefit from joining us and we will benefit from your contributions

So if you are looking for a new home or just a home feel free to post below and I will endeavour to get back ASAP just be sure that if youbwant in you are ready to meet these req and if you need to leave your current guild that you do so when I respond

So whats preventing anyone from doing 200k donation and 100t and be a recruit? There are absolutely no benefits from any higher rank so why would some ranks work hard to get their requirements while others are comfortable donating only 200k?
I mean if you want 29 members doing 100 trophies and 200k gold donation - go for it, if not, you may want to review your requirements system.

Just want to help out :slight_smile: