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Top 5 trivial-to-fix annoyances

EDIT: Added clarifications

1… Stop the gameplay animations from slowing down to 1x whenever a card is clicked

2… Make pet rescue use the regular team selection
Why? I’d like to be able to choose different teams without re-picking each one from scratch.

3… Remove the blessing from Life and Death
This is the single most hated weapon in the game for PvP defense (where it is mostly used) and its power level is way above the others. This change doesn’t even bring it down enough, but it would be a simple step in the right direction.

4… Make Essence of Evil transform before applying the status effects

5… Yes, always connect to global chat!
Clarification: remove the popup, always connect to guild chat and only connect to global when I switch to that tab. Simple!

This should all be absolutely trivial to fix. Otherwise I’d really want to know what the difficulty is.


@2, i see current setting as fine - it uses last pet rescue team used for the same boss
@3, why? it’s good as it is
@5, absolute NO
only thing that bugs me, is that Guild Chat is somehow connected to global(or more simple -> chat portlet is taking care of both -> guild and global chat), so i get the same popup everytime i get disconnected from guild chat, but i dont want to be connected to global,
I see option to have it switched off permamently as a very usefull one.

Kafka explained that it’s an issue with how Unity works and it’s not easy to fix. I agree that it’s extremely annoying but I don’t think that will change.

What??? Absolute NO!


Overloads the chat server. Best to let the folks who want to be in chat, connect to chat.

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Not a priority, but I agree.

Not a priority, but it would be very nice. I would prioritize being able to move teams around in your team list actually.

I’m not too sure blessing is the issue, but that weapon does require balancing.


Don’t care.


The only one I can see being easy from a programming perspective would be changing the blessing on LaD since that requires switching an affix. From a community perspective though there will be some heat no matter what you replace it with.
The rest all require the game to function differently. Some of the might turn out to be easy but it’s incredibly bold to assume so.

Not an affix.
EoE needs an affix change.
L&D needs a cast change.

I guess “require the game to function differently” is very relative. I mean, point by point:

1: The reason this is apparently hard to do has to be the game code itself, since Unity is just the engine and as such doesn’t care about high level game concepts like spells and menus. It operates on layers, animations, etc. so there is no way that Unity itself would have a problem keeping the accelerated animations when some overlay is shown. So while I see there can be difficulty in this special case, I maintain that this should be trivial to fix. Thanks for the comment @Neritar.

2: This would be a switch to the team selection mechanic used for PvP, Explore etc. So basically a refactoring to use different, existing code in one more mode.

3 + 4 should be doable by editing the card definitions/scripts which are potentially not even “code” per se, so - again - should be trivial. I know the EoE change is probably what most everyone wants while L&D is more controversial. Just voicing my opinion.

5: The main issue here is the annoying popup window. As I clarified above, it should only appear when I actually switch to the chat window/tab thingy, ideally only for global chat. Guild chat could be on by default or at least work separately (this is a bonus that may be less trivial).

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For #1, this was the official response the last time this suggestion was brought up. An excerpt:


Life and Death nerfs have been posted to death with no results, though, so there’s certainly no guarantee

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as for LD, let’s do a simmulation,
if not bless, than what, to replace the life effect?

cleanse + heal yourself ? (could be to op, combined with life drain, units would stack that life as mad)
cleanse + barrier yourself ? (would need to hit it 2 times, to deal any dmg, might be worth it)

i think cleanse effect is a must, that would stay on weapon, dont think it will be enough though
maybe like that:
cleanse yourself, gain X (1+ 0.5magic) life

It already steals life, that’s enough in my book.