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Its the little things

Getting kicked because i ran out of time in pet rescues . Chat showing no activity for hours or days until you restart xbox,having to pay 50 gems to change class, all the troop nerfing. And thr constant lag Yeap its the little things that annoy the heck out of me . Please add if I forgot something

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It is the little things. Please check this thread for a balancing of the scales.


Getting a new mythic, getting a 30 gem daily task, daily and monthly login rewards, popping a pet to mythic, getting my reward email. Winning guild wars 5-0, getting a high guild wars score, making friends, being in an awesome guild… I can list a ton of other little things, but those will do.


Those dont annoy me though

Does that really exist?!?

75 wins task is 30 gems I think.


Something that annoys me?
Whining posts.
Like this one.


Yes, got it today, woot!


I dont know if PC, mobile and PS4 have the same issue but on Xbox when I finish a pet battle after allowed time, Im kicked out of the game and I have to restart it. Looks like a very short testing of the pet rescue before releasing it by the devs to see such issue.

There is one time where the devs will have to slow down with new content or even stop and fix all the bugs. And when this will be done, you release again new content.

Pet battles have been out for months, I’m not sure why this happens to you, but it doesn’t happen to me. It will say Event has ended, or whatever, with a slight pause before kicking back to the main map, and I’ll get the mail for the unfinished event rewards.

Are you on Xbox?

If yes, maybe it have been fixed recently. Its now some weeks I have not finished a pet rscue after allowed time and I alerted the devs about that since 1 or 2 months so its possible they fixed it.