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Pet rescue team, please retain

This. Don’t make us setup this team over and over.


It remembers against each opponent. So if you get a rescue event against goblins, it remembers that team next time you face goblins. Annoying that they’ve done it this way, but after you’ve faced each opponent you won’t have to set them again.

So far I think I’ve seen goblins, stryx, wildfolk and daemons. Not sure if there are any others.

Edit: now seen Darkstone teams too


It’s funny, everyone was screaming about how the stupid pet event troops don’t save teams. Until we figured out how it really works and saves 6 teams on a per pet color basis.

All this hate and discontent could have been avoided if they just told us how it works.


That should be printed out on a 20’ banner and hung above the devs’ desks in every game studio worldwide. Because…yes.


I was actually thinking of making a topic with this specific example to help educate the devs.

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To be fair: from my perspective, this is less about “educating the devs” and more about process management. I mean - the devs know what’s going to be frustrating or confusing, and I say that in general, about any devs on any project. They’re not dumb. The problem comes in when there are a lot of people, working on a lot of moving parts, with a lot of things that have to be communicated to the players, and there’s isn’t some process in place to make sure that everything is wrangled. It’s actually reeeeeally easy for someone working on a bunch of features to accidentally miss writing a patch note for one of them; the safety net should be that there’s someone watching for that who’ll make sure it gets done before go-live - or at least communicate before go-live that an explanation will be coming in such-and-such a timeframe.

This has actually been a recurring concern of mine, watching the game from the outside as a player: the devs’ intent seems to be honest and wholehearted, but their pipeline seems to be sub-optimal.


You type so many words. Less is more!

Salty dropped the ball. She does social media. How pet rescue team save actually works, ‘spreading the word’ is her job.

I dunno - neither you nor I have the inside knowledge to make that claim. It’s the CM’s job to be the communicator between internal and front-facing, but they can only do the best they can with what they’re given. Now it may also be the CM’s job to own the pipeline and run down every line item for a writeup, but it may also be someone else’s job to do that. Or, more to the point, there may not be anyone with that job, which would kiiiiiiiinda be the whole problem.

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