Tokens for PvP

There are some of us who play pvp for fun, but I play it to try and generate pet gnomes and class xp.
It would be nice to have tokens as a drop to incentivite more players in the guilds to find pet gnomes.
Even If it was quite rare to see, or can’t be Nysha or something.


Maybe they could add Anu and Nysha tokens and medals as rewards for the top 100 pvp slots the current rewards are not very appealing

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I like that!

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haha, a book of deeds for the 1st place, imperial for 2nd, 200 writs for 3rd?

I initially assumed that the PVP #1 must get an orb like the other LB’s, crazy how hard people go for that spot even with how garbage the rewards are.


Yes, PvP and Treasure Hunt rewards have not been updated to align with all of the new resources. I wish they would but at least PvP gives the XP for classes. Still working on those after… several years.


I’d like a buff on the PvP rewards too. Introducing tokens as battle rewards breaks that part of the economy.

Personally if they added medal tokens to pvp I’d stop playing explore as I find it much less interesting than pvp. My preference would be to add writs to pvp rewards, that would incentivise playing both modes. Doesn’t even need to be a lot of writs and possibly with a weekly cap to avoid ending up needing a nerf to avoid the 0.1% most active players “breaking the game economy”

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In my ideal vision, they would add writs to Treasure Hunt because that would instantly breathe new life into that mode. Most of us just don’t play it (or only play it for the campaign).

The writs could easily replace souls and/or glory… which some that play that mode would say is a detriment to newbies. To that I would say: there is a better source for those and that would be PvP.

For PvP ladder rewards, I could get behind either medal tokens or just plain ol’ deeds. Writs might be enough for some but the PvP ladder takes more effort. It would be nice to see players rewarded for that.

Ah, dreams…