Tips and suggestions for new player

Well, if possible, I 'd like you to give your ideas for new or recent players who arrive in this game for they apprehend better game

many changes with version 1.0.8 , many things to do, but perhaps you have ideas that will allow them a good start

So go, give your ideas and discuss

I personally recommend the new player in their choice of level up kingdoms , to choose kingdoms who bring the most gold in the tribes , normally you’ll earn gold faster and therefore you will increase faster your kingdoms (I know that the costs have increased, but I try to find solutions, and I think, by doing this, you can go faster, whereas if you scatter your amount in all realms simultaneously. … )

Here I leave room for others for ideas and suggestions

A few tips i can give is unlock all kingdoms first and log in every day, then get through the story line after that. worry about trait stones after level 50 and do not throw away any troops.

If you’re on Console, make the switch to PC/Mobile…


Gems can be earned every hour with tributes (if you get lucky) so just by logging in every hour to collect income you have a chance for free gold/souls/glory from tributes.

  • definitely do all the quests and challenges as soon as you can
  • save gems for one of the top (dragon or celestial) armours
  • research on the forums before you expend souls on levelling a troop
  • join a guild to get free goodies

Get Valkyrie & find a team that works with her, especially for quests & challenges. The extra souls will fast-track levelling your troops.

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I’ll draw up a quick guide right here, similarly to how I started with minor revisal for the patches included.

  1. Firstly, play through campaigns whenever possible, and challenges when in need of souls.
  2. Don’t worry about leveling your troop past level 5 unless you’re comfortable enough with them, and confident in their playstyle. You don’t want to get stuck with troops you can’t use well early on.
  3. Do not disenchant, just don’t, it’s not worth the souls.
  4. Your first goal should be reaching Khaziel, so when you start unlocking kingdoms you want to head north. This is because of one of the best campaign Epic’s available, Emperina. She was the epic I received in my first chest ever, and she made every single campaign easier than cake thanks to her spell. So play through the Khaziel campaign until you get her. (Don’t worry about finishing the campaigns second part until you’ve got a good team, focus on other kingdoms in the mean time.)
  5. Once you’ve unlocked 3 kingdoms, get them all to level 3, as well as any future kingdoms unlocked.
  6. When PvP’s unlocked, play it until you reach Champion (Rank 1) every week.
  7. Once you’ve unlocked 7 kingdoms, get them all to level 4, as well as any future kingdoms unlocked.
  8. Join a guild as soon as available (the one with the most members is recommended). Donate at least 1000 gold a week. (I do NOT recommend starting your own guild.)
  9. Once you’ve unlocked 12 kingdoms, get them all to level 5, as well as any future kingdoms unlocked.
  10. Focus on getting the Karakoth kingdom to level 10 asap.
  11. If you’ve unlocked all available kingdoms, get them all to level 6, as well as any future kingdoms unlocked.
  12. Focus on getting all the Attack Boost kingdoms to level 10. (Which are: Forest of Thorns, Grosh-nak, Pridelands, Wild Plains, & Zhul’Kari; presently)
  13. Upon reaching level 70-100, quit your guild if it’s inactive. Join a top 50 guild instead. Recruitment is often around here so there’s plenty of chances.

Extra. Leveling 6 troops from the same kingdom to level 5 will grant you +50 gold per day.

These don’t have to be done in any particular order, there just listed in order of importance/likely occurrence. This is essentially my mind frame I worked from when starting out as well as when each new patch came through.

I like to plan early on how to handle large-scale situations for optimal efficiency, and these tips are what I came to. It’s not too strict so you’re still free to put any particularly hard/boring ones on a side-burner.


lol I had not seen it already was your guide.

thank you :+1:

Some additional thoughts.

I do not like to put money into games, but the starter pack definitely gives you a leg up. It’s only available for the first couple days after you start the game, however, so that advice may be moot.

Regarding armor: there is a big debate over which is best–Celestial (for souls) or Dragon (for gold.) Early on, I think the nod goes to Dragon armor, hands down. You need so much gold for so many things–leveling kingdoms, buying keys, supporting your guild, fighting battles–and when you are starting out, there just isn’t enough. Once your Kingdoms are leveled, you start earning gold passively, so you can relax a little. But at that point, you suddenly have a deficiency of souls.

What you really need is Dragon Armor as soon as you can get it and Celestial by around lvl 125. Unfortunately, 1000 gems is pretty daunting for a new player. So how do you earn those gems? There are a few ways.

  1. Best is a good Guild. I don’t know that much about Guild levels, but my 100% Guild earns 2 maps, 10 gems, 100 souls or 12 keys (or nothing) for completed tasks. I think that is standard for all 100%ers, with lower percentage guilds earning considerably less. There are a lot of good Guilds out there, and it shouldn’t be that hard to find one. For the record, my guild ranked about 200 and had open membership when I joined. Get in the best guild you can, contribute as much as you can, and hoard those ten gems a task, which come in with surprising frequency.

  2. Treasure maps are also a good source for gems. The trick with those is to accumulate as many green chests as you can. Green and higher chests have a chance to contain a gem. The chance is greater with higher level chests, but my experience is that you are better off having a lot of small chances than to have one greater chance. Try to keep the chests down low, and don’t match the green ones if you can help it. One or two red chests aren’t bad, but I think 3 green ones has a better payout than a red. Vaults are worthless. A vault equals at least 9 green chests. I play treasure hunts fast and usually get locked up with chests and bags at the bottom and finish off eliminating as many bronze and silver coins as possible at the top. In a good guild, you will never run out of maps. Maps are also a good source for gold, especially when you run out and don’t have enough even for a battle. With practice, you can easily average 1000 gold per map (I’ve never earned less than 600, and frequently earned over 1500.) Regarding gems, I average about 3 per map, which isn’t a lot, but the other stuff is nice, too.

  3. Tribute. This is where leveling your kingdoms is important. Higher level Kingdoms equals a better chance for tribute. Apparently, gem awards are reduced in the current update, but it is still worth getting as much tribute as you can. Even though the gems aren’t as plentiful, all other tribute currencies are greatly beneficial.

  4. If you are okay with spending a little cash, the daily gems are great. You get 225 gems for $5, which is a steal compared to any of the other gem packages.

Finally, I expect to take some heat on this, but I don’t think you should complete the challenges until you own Celestial armor. You need enough souls initially to put one good team together. Then use it as long as it is effective. Oftentimes, it is not necessary to get a troop to level 15 to make them very formidable. With many of them, the enhancement gained with those higher level increases is not equitable to the soul cost of doing so. I used lvl 8 Avina (9 damage) and lvl 10 Boar Rider (7 damage) for a long time with great success.

Souls are hard to come by and you need a LOT. Three thousand plus to level any troop to 15, and your max earning is now 200 in the arena. That’s a lot of arena battles. (I’m not an Arena proponent. It takes a long time, and though you earn some decent cash, you can get far more invading. I only do it when I absolutely need the souls right now.) With Celestial armor on Normal difficulty, one completed challenge equals 340 souls. I guess that is about a wash with the Arena payout, but the challenges are much faster and easier. Plus, you only get to do them once. I think if you can hold off on the easy souls until you really need them, you will get a boost in your mid-game.

I am level 137 and own both suits–both courtesy of my guild. I wear Dragon when I invade, and Celestial when I complete my challenges. I would not have done it differently.


hi i saw this and thought “hmm i think this guy needs some heat” so here comes the heat. nice tips and suggestions i might pass them along to my guild mate, they might find it usefull

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New player here, need advice, please. I am being offered the starter pack (offer expires in 5 days) and I am considering the 4.99 one. However, I wanted to understand if getting the +XP armor will make me level too fast and will make my character level much higher before I can level the cards accordingly. Can you help me understand that please? Does PVP difficultly scale with character level? Does PVE? Are there any downsides to getting +XP early on? Thanks!

Leveling faster is not a problem. It will be more than a week until you hit 1000. :wink:

But seriously, +gold is probably the main thing you want on armor at the start. When you first begin, gold is at a premium. It allows you to keep playing, unlock kingdoms, and buy keys if needed.

if you have the money for it then go for it cause it will also give you a vip level.

Thanks for the advice - I’ll pick it up then. I do want a +Souls or +Gold armor, but with this Starter Pack it’s +XP or nothing, as I understand. If it says “Expires in 4 days” then it will disappear, not refresh with different stuff, right?

it becomes a different offer probable with a different price tag

I am a little late, but I would say buy it. If I recall, the best things about the starter pack were a few keys to start you on troops (of which you have basically nothing in the beginning), the armor, which though it only gives experience is better than armor that gives you nothing (and as stated, no way will you level up too fast), and a few souls, which are very hard to come by early on. With the souls, you can easily get a decent team to level 5, which is the first big ability break point and high enough for success in the beginning, and maybe one or two to level 10, which is the second major break point and can carry you almost to level 100.

On break points:
Most troops gain abilities pretty fast up through level 5, but then gain only one or maybe two ability points per level thereafter. At levels 10 and 15, they frequently gain 3 or even 4 ability point increases (including an elusive magic boost), making the ascensions from 9 to 10 and from 14 to 15 the best returns on a soul investment. For the soul cost involved, it is not really worth raising a troop above level 5 unless you plan to take it to 10, or above level 10 unless you are prepared to take it to 15. In the beginning, a pack of level 5 troops makes for a very capable army. Plus, it is fairly cheap–less than 150 souls to get any troop to level 5. You can get a lot of them up there in a hurry and test them out to see which ones you like. Level 10 troops are only marginally stronger than level 5 troops, and as stated will serve you well almost to level 100. In many cases, the gains you get for a level 15 troop are so minimal compared to the abilities of a level 10 troop (and so expensive!) that I almost wonder why I bothered. (The answer is, “for the magic!”) It is worth noting that every troop that has a spell based on magic gets their last magic boost at level 15.

With the new update and the ability to raise troops to level 20, you get a tremendous payoff for each of the levels above 15. It is now worth raising some troops to level 15 simply so you can then raise them beyond level 15.

Also note that the breakpoints I mention are not universal across the board. They are general, mostly occurring around levels 5 and 10. Avina, as a counterexample, has a significant break point at level 8. You have to get her almost to level 15 to gain any real strength increase. It is worth looking at the troop list on this website and finding the break points for each character. For most of them, that is a level where magic and 2 or more abilities all increase.