Tiny Quest - anyone here play?

@Saltypatra told me about Tiny Quest (a mobile-only game made by our beloved I+2 devs) a few months ago, but I only remembered to try it out this week.

I’m really having fun with the sliding mechanic and the cute characters. If you’re going to try it, be aware it’s very much a casual mobile game, not an in-depth weekly-updated gacha-monster like GoW. :slight_smile:

I know @ozball has mentioned he plays, but does anyone else here play?

Not sure what the friends list does in TQ, other than comparing high scores, but my invite code is not difficult to guess if you want to add me. :wink:


I love Tiny Quest! My favourite character to play as is Ysabeau. Who’s yours??

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I’ve played it (and still have it on my tablet) but to be honest was a bit disappointed with it and didn’t stick with it for long… cool in premise, but I found didn’t engage me with any story fast enough to make me want to keep playing…

There are several favourites in our house. Daughter #1 likes Ivee, Daughter #2 likes Blayde, and I can’t choose between Sparkles, Rokky and Summer at the moment.

As someone who likes fire spells/attacks (note avatar), Burnie was a bit of a disappointment.

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Summer’s my favourite. Turn all trees to villages? Yes please! Burnie feels a bit self sabotaging at times, but his story was fun. My partner got in to the game a lot more than me, had to install it on her phone so she would stop stealing mine to play :stuck_out_tongue: I think she actually cleared all the heroes in the end.


No gnolls… I can’t even… :rage:


Now seriously. Cute art all around, funny names and an creative reimagination of the “2048 Puzzle/Game”. I will give a 7/10.


Just downloaded…
First thoughts are, how did I not hear about this before? I know GoW doesn’t have any paid advertisement in game. But you’d think they could advertise another game from IP2?
The game seems simple enough, but somehow challenging. Cool! :+1:

Speaking of which…
If say Pepsi or Coca Cola had a troop designed for it. Could we get gems back in legendary tasks? I can deal with Advertisement for gems. Considering I just watched 2 commercials just to have some vines removed. :wink:


I typically prefer to see screenshots/videos of a game before I commit to downloading it. Is that possible with this Tiny Quests, Salty?

Sorry for necro the thread, but don’t want to create many off-topic posts. I just want to discuss something about this game.

@actreal you’re right in the other post. Shadoe is overly useful. Once I got him, just spam playing him until I got enough gems for all characters and most spells. Extra keys ended up unlocking almost all the useful loot. A month later, I’m now able to 5-star all the quest and bought everything possible! ^^

About the quest, I didn’t pay much attention to it, only when I was starting to complete each quests. I started to notice something strange. For a cute little game, the quest conclusion is kinda dark for unknown reason, funny dark comedy? For me, I’m not so satisfied story-wise to lead them all to dark fate.

Spoiler alert:
Blayde want a princess, ended up married to a magic goat.
Burnie want to be a normal dancer, ended up being a destructive pyromania one who burn everyone who not please him.
Summer want to be a ruler, doing so by throwing her parent in jail.
Rokky got a gem, in exchange, all of his brother ended up dead
Shadow become a thief, so famous he ended up getting a life sentence in jail for it.
Entaeyce want a pet pony, got one as her food.
Glaycia want to be spacial, get told she’s not and should just go home

So dark and depressing…
What do you guys who think? What is your tips and tricks to complete the quests? Let’s discuss!!

Edit: Also, this is my high score. Why would I do it on the least useful character? I have no idea. Just get lucky, I guess.

With Philosophy Stone and some gems hoard, board could go on forever if you play carefully, maybe until it filled with 80-level castle. Or it can be combine to be one like Dungeon door?

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Got a new high score! ^^

Now using my favorite charactor. Used all my gem to get there, run out of it to buy more philosophy stone. I’m okay with this score.

Also, I think I’ll stop playing now until the new charactors is added. The game is so bugged for me that it’s impossible to finish all achievements. Even daily’s goblin treasure quest is bugged after I bought Treasure Magnet.

So untill then, I’ll spend more time in Gems of War to finish traiting all the troops! ^^

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Yeah, I’m at this point too. Now if only @Saltypatra would tell us when the “Coming Soon™” character might arrive… :yum: