Other mobile games

With the devs stealing money “as intended”, I have been starting to look for other games. What good games can you all recommend? And why those games, what are they?

I am avoiding listing a genre to make this generic for everyone.

BUT, still, bonus points if it has good coop so I can occasionally drag my husband in.


Recommended: Terraria, by 505

Not Recommended: PQ3, by ‘as intended’ IP2
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Why Terraria? Updating my post to ask for people to mention why :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

PQ3… Yeah, self explanatory.


I downloaded it a while back to test the whole ‘505 is behind the incompetence/greed/poor QA’ postulate brought forth periodically in forums, and while it’s not apples to apples because it’s not a live f2p, the programming quality is light-years from what we see in GoW.

It being multiplayer allows me to play with the kids when they’re up for it (a single purchase added the game to the family library in Play Store) or keep doing my thing in the same map (or other maps) when they’re not, and the depth allows for hours of crafting, building, discovering and battling/looting.

Worth looking into, especially if, like myself, GoW is the last f2p/gacha game you’ll ever play, for which I have IP2 to thank.
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Slay the Spire - Card game with the fun kind of RNG, does not try to steal grandma’s life savings by turning her into a crackhead.


Since you didn’t specify genre…

Minecraft is still my favorite after almost 8 years of playing. So many different types of play you can do using servers.

Genshin Impact is a really good f2p game similar to Breath of the Wild. It’s got a gacha system for characters and weapons, but it’s not intrusive and isn’t even necessary for beating the game. It has multiplayer too!

For mobile apps, the only other one I play right now is Art of Conquest, which is a kingdom-building game with loads of stuff to do. Highly recommend it.


The only other mobile/F2P game I play is Dragalia Lost. It’s a RPG with a gacha mechanic but is incredibly accessible. Other than an occasional “special deal” indicator on the main screen there are no “nag” mechanics to push you toward the shop.

I’ve tried out a number of other F2Ps but they either wind up feeling too cash-grabby or too blatantly pay-to-win. GoW and DL have been my only two F2P for at least the last 12-18 months.

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As much as I love Terraria, I personally wouldn’t recommend it for mobile. It truly shines and is such a great value on PC, but the mobile controls after they updated it a while back didn’t do it for me and were very frustrating, despite my playing it on mobile for years prior to that.

All that being said, Terraria is a shining example of a great game that punches above its weight class and gives so much content for the really reasonable price. Also, it has tons of replay value.