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This thread was a mistake

Disregard this post, sorry.

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Examines the area with a fine tooth comb and finds nothing of interest…

I thought that I was responding to a pm lol. I just woke up, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! :sunglasses:


What is the meaning of this?
This is madness!


Never say never, you will never be forgetting who won and who is next you decide on epic rap battles of history!

I’m simply following the trend of what happened when I did something similar to OP

if your gonna keep it don’'t tell it it was a mistake man,… tell it it was conceived of love and the desire to have a new thread.


But it was a mistake, if I could delete the thread I would have done so already.

When the mistake was something something that you can’t undo it but it still turns out to be amazing.