This Battle may have already Finished Message

Hi Guys,

We’ve been hearing from reports of players who have been seeing this message

We’re doing some investigation into why is occurring to players. If you have seen this message recently, could you please answer the following questions for us?

  1. What kind of battle were you playing? (Eg. Ranked PVP, Explore, etc.)
  2. What platform/ device were you playing on? (Please list multiple if you have been seeing it over multiple platforms)
  3. What were you doing in the game leading up to seeing this message? (i.e. Where you collecting mail in game, opening chests, ranked pvp battles, explore battles, contributing to your guild, etc.).
  4. How frequently do you see this message at the end of a battle? (Once a day, 5 times a day, once a week, etc.)

Thank you for your help!


1. Ranked PvP
2. Steam (PC)
3. Ranked PvP battles
4. First time yesterday

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  1. Raked PvP
  2. playing on my Android mobile while in the train from work (while having the game open at home on pc steam account)
  3. Ranked PvP battles
  4. Once yesterday. Before 3 weeks while on holidays about 3 times that week.

Oh yeah: I was fighting a long match against maw/bonedragon/whatever/mercy. At the end just my valkyrie and enemies mercy were up. I was one skullmatch away from killing him. Was about 8 minutes that match. Very rarely I fight longer than 2 minutes on a match. After that match the hourly gold bonus blinked up on my home kingdom. Maybe this reset/disturbed the game state.

  1. Ranked PvP
  2. PC (steam)
  3. It appeared instead of the rewards screen, at the end of the battle (“victory screen”), it looked as if the game can’t load the data for rewards, instead the error appeared.
  4. Happened twice, both times yday (monday).

In both cases after clicking “Okay” I got booted to the main map. The first time - my match got counted as an attack loss in my pvp log (so lost pvp points instead of gaining them), can’t say if I got the match-rewards (i.e. gold/souls), but doubt it. So the game treated it like it would a Disconnect in the middle of the match (even though it was the reward screen-dc).
The second time, the match counted as neither loss or win, the game just “rollbacked” to the state from before the match (there was no trace of the match in my pvp log, and the person I just beat was right there on the 3-trophy slot in ranked pvp, just like before the match). I’m not sure if it’s possible to roll the sameperson as an opponent two times in a row in such short period of time (even it it is, the chance has to be low?), so it did feel like a rollback.

e/ when answering the 3rd question, do specify at which point did it happen (was it same as me, at the end? or mid-battle?) it probably would be helpful :wink: else you just duplicate the first question answer for no reason.

e.2/ Sorry Nim, I tried.

  1. Ranked PvP
  2. iOS
  3. Ranked PvP battles
  4. About once a day
  1. Ranked PvP
  2. Steam (PC)
  3. Not sure
  4. Once, last week

One interesting fact, which may help, is that battle was resolved as loss the moment it started ( battle log said loss 4 mins ago when I did check it right after loss )

@Jainus ? I think he said he had three in a row. I’ll let him post here.

Ranked PVP
Ranked PVP
Twice on Monday 8/1…Usually see the error on Mondays and Saturdays.

1- Ranked PVP
2- Steam
3- Ranked PVP
4- 2 or 3 times yesterday

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1-Ranked PVP
3-Appears instead of rewards window after finished ranked battle
4-6 times yesterday

  1. Ranked PvP
  2. Steam
  3. Before being rewarded at end of PvP battle, but then the battle counts as either not existing or a lose despite winning.
  4. Usually once a day. Sometimes as much as 5 times a day.

I saw this once, two days ago. I was playing ranked pvp on Android phone. Can’t remember other details, sorry.

  1. Ranked PvP
  2. Steam and iPad and iPhone
  3. Only ranked PvP battles
  4. I had not seen it for ages (less than once a week) - but yesterday I had it five times inside about 30 minutes
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  1. Ranked PVP
  2. Steam and iPad
  3. Playing ranked PVP
  4. Less than once a week (It happened once yesterday.)
  1. ranked pvp
  2. iOS
  3. Won a match, got the message instead of rewards
  4. Only once yesterday
  1. Ranked PvP (yesterday)
  2. iOS (iPhone)
  3. Not sure, was playing on Steam right before I switched to my phone. Probably PvP/chests/chat
  4. I saw this a couple of times weeks/months ago, but recently I’ve only seen it this one time.

additonal info:
I restarted the game immediately after the error. It didn’t count the battle as a win or loss. I don’t think it gave me any rewards. After restarting, I was able to fight the same opponent again without any issues.

  1. Quest
  2. Galaxy Tab4 (Android)
  3. Just doing the questline in Zul-kari kingdom?
  4. Only once

However, I’m pretty sure the reason why I saw this message is because my WiFi connection was cut off during the battle and it’s not on a data plan so that was it’s only Internet connection. So when I logged back in, I got the message which I thought was understandable because after the battle finished, the game couldn’t communicate back to the server and was “left in limbo”, so to speak.

Speaking of “when”, not just monday, just got it again:

The match “never existed” after it kicked me out. (no trace in the pvp log)

  1. pvp
  2. PC
  3. just finished a pvp battle
  4. couple times a day if i’m doing quite a bit of pvp
  1. Ranked PvP
  2. Steam (PC) - usually
  3. started the battle, finished the battle.
  4. see it occasionally (less than 1 time a week) -

since its steam - i am not getting gold or doing anything but the battle.

i have seen it on my android tablet, but when on my tablet - i am away from my computer which means that i dont have steam running or gow.

this summer, i was riding in the car through nevada and utah, usa, and we had no cell reception for a couple of hours. got the retry error, was able to get rewards from those battles when we finally got reception.