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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

Not really angry about it as such, but what ever is the point of PvP defence teams with four fully traited firebombs? It’s not like it’s a challenge. Easy PvP points, sure.

RNG will hit no matter what. Sadly.

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Looks like we will be moving up to bracket 5 next GW unless some guilds still have battles to do. I expect that will be even worse with empowered converters and Zuul’Goth.


I also lost a GW battle. Crazy cascades CPU get out of nowhere and fill their whole team LOL hillarouz

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Just spent 1647 event keys to not get a mythic pull from Divinion Fields. What a waste and an irritating thing. Certainly makes me angry.

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Any campaign event that includes THE ARENA. Gem extortion is the aim behind it.

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This was discussed recently: Why fire bomb teams?

Playing arena in any form and feeling obligated to because of writs, or offers. It doesn’t just make me angry. It makes me unmotivated to play.


Yeah I am not playing enduring, what is it, 10? 10 full sets of arena matches for a pitiful handful of writs. Yeah, no. Not a thing I’m doing. Get bent, game.




*shivers*… 403 attack, ~800 Life/Armour.
When Life/Armour has maxed out at 1000, does Attack keep going up until 1000 as well?
Would so love to see a screenshot from the leaderboard lead after 573 battles.

Yes (generally, 1000 is the cap for all stats, if that’s what you meant? Or did you mean more if these particular World Event battles just keep increasing in level?)

Just wondering if there’s a certain cap, e.g. level 1000, or some level where life/armour reaches 1000, and it stops increasing in level (which prevents Atk/Magic from increasing further).
I know players can reach XP level 2000+.

Is there a level table for enemy/CPU teams? In terms of a formula for stat growth by level against base stats. And does it differ by event/battle type (e.g. world event/delve/invasion)?

The serious milestone is when they have over 500 attack and armor and can no longer be killed by your max 1000 attack. Happens in some delves.

Of course world event medals might let you do that still. But … world events … ugh …

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Earning glory from delves doesn’t count for campaign task. :roll_eyes:


Other than the new arena (die in 10,000 fires😂)… the only things that actually make me angry are:

  1. scenario… one brown troop. Nothing impacted by traits etc. make a brown match, troop gets no manna. This has been happening since my very first day. I don’t get hopping mad, because, after all this time, I’ve accepted it as a thing. But it shouldn’t be a thing.

  2. Not being able to set specific class parameters or medal setups to teams. My feeling is figure out how to manage it within the team interface BEFORE you implement it. Otherwise, don’t do it. Horse… then cart. Again… not hopping mad.

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Good that you dont remember times when hero class was independent from teams and you had to pay 50gems to switch it :wink:
Things with medals might change in future. Not sure about full team customisation, that’s probably to big to go…

Yes. Try running High King Irongut with Ethereal Sentry and Devour a few big opponents and you’ll see all three stats at 1000.


Or just run HKI on 500 delve into a room, where enemies have a chance to spawn troops on death :wink: