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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

I’m basically following this thread from the beginning, or at least I read through about every post.
However there aren’t many parts of the game which actually make me angry apart from the occasional turn lost or skulls in unfavorable moments.

Now that was until yesterday. I’m not complaining about Arena in general or about the randomness of the reward offers/daily offer.

After finishing a run, I got this offered -

and I thought shouldn’t it show my current rarity of the troop and not its base rarity?
So I left the Arena, checked my troops and saw I’m 6 copies short of ascending Sir Ebonheart to mythic. Logical move is head back to arena and buy the offer, which isn’t there anymore…

This made me think of two questions:

  1. Why doesn’t it show my current rarity of the troop?
  2. Why is the offer only a one-time thing and not persistent untin I decline. (which I apparently did by choosing to head out)

If they want me to buy anything, tell me if I need it.
If they don’t, then go on with that behavior and I’m not paying any gems for offers anymore.
Second run ended up with that offer:


I could be wrong, but I just noticed that the first offer shows Level 19, and the second one Level 20… hmm

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@maze that needs to be a feature request for sure.

I’m also a person who wants to know how worth it the offer is, and there’s no way to know from that menu.

I feel like the three flash offers could be on the usual, daily flash-offer screen, and persist for the day even if they’re turned down at first.


This. And any other similar situation (just involving different colours).


I’ve not checked the level of those offered troops tbh. But if true this is the only indicator telling us if we ‘need’ to buy anything or not.
But the game could easily tell the rarity of owned troops and their base rarity (as it does with daily offers).

The worth of an offer is depending on ones wealth, not their needs. As long as the code isn’t changed to reflect actual in-game needs, and not trying to sell worthless troops and event keys to get Zaejin to 21 stars or Mist of Scales to 22 stars, we’re hopelessly giving these ‘offers’ anyways.

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Someone should file a bug report.
I just rechecked my daily offers - Book of Secrets shows Epic and Level 18, displays “Rare” on the offer.
So the two should be consistent - show the current rarity always, not the base rarity.


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2 easy picks -> either Eldritch Guardian (who is STRONG tank in arena, but his spell damage is pitty)
od Pride, who will steal magic from enemies with every cast and make himself stronger
Mercy is usually worthless in Arena…

Its probably less about the actual troop choice versus being forced to draft color blocked troops.


One thing, that would make it be more reasonable -> allow color/troops bonuses onto arena… so filling full team of mono-color blocked team would have a positive impact on team


2 Explore runs today:

1 Orpheus and 1 Gaard token
2 Orpheus tokens

I feel as though the “missing” token from the listed 2-3 tokens for level 12 explore is the Anu or Nysha tokens I never pull. If the advertised rate was 2.1 tokens per run, then at least I’d know I wasn’t being targeted. Because I’m Orc.

I did find a Soul Gnome in the 12 battles. Pity timer 1/5. Where my Nysha Pity Timer at?

Edit: Next 2 runs:
2 Aranea, 1 Orpheus.
1 Aranea, 1 Orpheus.

2.11 tokens per run.


Today and probably every day: the arena . An arena run in the campaign ; we know the game designers are way out of touch with their player base- an arena run, even four matches is beyond painful game play; its awful game design. Its actually shameful.

Random double target (30% chance to trigger, 25% to hit the same) from the first troop takes out my main win condition. Good thing I brought a backup.



I was playing arena for the campaign and saw my sand shark devour itself after the ai utterly screwed me over. I think the game may have taken a death mark from flagellant whatever it’s name is into effect, but it showed the jaws closing on my sand shark. Craziest shenanigans I’ve seen in this game

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Redrafting a team 4 times, only to watch their fire lizard kill your whole team on the 2nd turn.


You need to medal 5 troops from Mist of Scales if you want these offers to stop.

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Well, the middle one anyways. If only for the other two.

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That’s weird since it doesnt resolve the issue. Medals would make more sense.

I changed guilds on Monday and I’m in a bracket 7 guild now after spending the past 3 months and year plus before my break around bracket 20. I was having a good week until the final day I get screwed but empowered crap I can’t stop. I really hate luck based crap.

So close to a perfect week.