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Why fire bomb teams?

What is the purpose of the all fire bomb team? The all-treasure teams can at least get you a little gold. And even those are almost useless since you can only get up to 100 per match. But the all fire Bomb team I’ve really never seen the point of.

When you lose on defense you get revenge battles, they give you a small amount of materials when you fight and defeat that person who beat you.

There used to be better rewards for it, but that has changed.

Also, when you start fighting tier 3 pvp teams, its nice to get one of the bomb teams in between the cheese Summon exploit teams.

It’s just a service to other players; someone else can finish their weekly PVP a little faster at no cost to me. The way PVP is coded, there’s no benefit to setting a ‘good’ defense team. You’d get slightly better rewards per defense win, but fewer people would attack you.


No they don’t. You don’t get any resources from what your defence team earns in a battle.


Take a note of your gold (top right of screen) before a revenge/rival battle.
Fight and win the battle.
Check the gold reported at the end of the battle, e.g. 2,500 (after all bonuses).
Check your gold - it will have gone up 2x, e.g. 5,000 instead of 2,500.

It allows lower ranked players the opportunity to win Tier 3 PvP battles, giving them better rewards than they’d get otherwise.

It’s like setting a weak defence team with whatever troop is in the “Hunt XYZ” slot of the current campaign, you’re just helping someone who might not be able to win that battle in regular play :+1:

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Three reasons:

  1. Winning a revenge battle gives you 10 times the value of winning on defence.

  2. People will give you Honour if you offer them a team that’s obviously easy to beat.

  3. Cascades (as from explosions) can give you Gems from defence battles (apparently).

Make sure they’re fully traited, so they start with full mana. And mix the team up a bit with other worthless troops, because the game was changed a while back to try not offer identical teams. During a Campaign, offer other players a team that will help them complete the campaign (this week, 4x Malcandessa is perfect).

Honour for capitulation. Rofl, there’s something a bit mixed up about that. But yes, firebomb give a little respite from the usual defences (unless there’s an LD etc lurking in the background if you fail to scout). The only downside of full firebomb team is that it can facilitate gnome escape.

Main purpose for Fire Bomb teams is for the Double Gold you get from Revenge Battles. Whatever gold it says you received in the reward screen is actually doubled when you check your gold balance. More efficient gold farming in PvP.