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Things that make you angry while playing GoW

I actually do hate :sweat_drops: & moaning, but I there’s 2 reasons my Gow Title is, “Mad as Hell”.

I can get :boom::fire::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: just as easy as the next girl.
But, I’ll go for what left me blank, staring, & then :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: @ my T.V. Screen.

  • 10,000’s Glory Keys
  • 10,000 Wasted Glory Resource out of desperation
  • 1,000s of Gem + Event Keys
  • 1,000’s Guild Keys
  • Over Spent Clan Orbs & Seals (5k just this week.)
  • Weeks Hoping Soulforge Has IT & doesn’t.
    What did I get? A 2nd Wulfgarok. :angry:

Besides that, it’s goofy :poop: like in delves…when there’s the WARDED :skull_and_crossbones: room for your :ghost: troops & you either fight the only :skull: enemies you need Warded for getting there or while getting it.

Honestly, I tend to chalk things up to my fault, but I will credit the game this…

It’s one of the things I hate most, *Game Crash During;

  • PVP Match
  • Guild War Match
    But when it happened during a Gnome Vault? I was thankful I for whatever reason, made screen shots enough for the GoW Help Desk to…Return my key. :open_mouth: :relieved: :joy:

It was awesome and appreciated.

Anyway, enough :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:ing, I got that new faction to do.

Might even try a Live Stream.

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tenor - 2020-08-30T171114.581

This isn’t what 2+ years of GW progression should look like, even if we didn’t score 1 million points straight away (it takes a while to level up those statues, amongst other things…).

I’m going to have to send in a support ticket to ask for either my missing Guild War troops or some Ascension Orbs at some point…



It’s minor, but summoning is virtually useless on your active team.
So hooray for getting a task for that the day after a delve event where summoning is inevitable with that bizarre delve faction!


Fighting against Life and Death in a PvP match. My hero had Deathmark on it, and my hero was the last troop I had alive, but I finally killed the enemy hero, and he was the last one alive, so the match should have been over. NOPE. The damage that killed him triggered a spider to spawn, and the very next turn, my hero died from Deathmark.


Probably the worst status condition or mechanic within combat in the game.


Event delve today, L70.

AI Kruarg devoured Hero on skull hit.

This screenshot is of after devouring a Webspinner on skull hit.

2 x Skull hits, 2 devours @5% chance to devour…

Rofl :grimacing: :rofl:

It started with about 38-40 attack.


The weekly events dipping heavily into delve mentality really sucks. Book of sin rooms toying about yaio gui and such when you have no way to drain or neuter it’s spell damage is dumb. Also, you really don’t need the special rooms jumping from 20-70-120 etc instead of the pace of normal enemy instances. I shouldn’t need restrictions on troops atop of lvl350 teams that STILL cheat to spawn in skulls the second I trickster shot kill yaio gui, especially with the auto respawns into those secondary daemons on death

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Missed devour enough times that I had to check several times if Van Kane was Impervious or Indigestible (hes not).


Sure, but 47 attack. I was using him at 80 attack and had him miss three consecutive times, two battles in a row. Odds of 1/7 successes at 80% are like 1/2790, so hardly impossible, but still quite irritating.


I’m not one to walk away from a fight. Yao Guai defeated me x2, and I wanted revenge, stupid eyestrain be damned.

11 troops lost, and I had secured my revenge:

My Hero was never truly in danger. After all, 522 hp ought to be enough to survive anything (except a deathmark, but thankfully I didn’t get one of those). Finally, after 5 minutes, it is over.

Except Gems is never truly over. There is always something else to grind…

I don’t mind sacrificing 14 troops to advance the Horde, but I would like my 7 minutes back please.

Worst part about it: after I defeat the Mythic Battle that replaced Tzathoth (much faster time than Tome), the Tome returns to it’s original position and starts jiggling it more than a little bit again. No, not going to do it. Never again. Not even for the Horde.

Pulling another Abynissia from event keys trying to get Gargantaur because I forgot the game doesn’t make any sense.


To have the number 11 censored in the guild announce (but not in the guild chat)!
So after 10 minutes trying to figure out why my announce was censored, I realized it was because of the number 11. Would you believe that. I had to write it “eleven” in place of “11”.
And I thought I had see everything in this game…


Schmeiß deinen C 64 endlich weg und hol dir was Moderneres !

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Playing nothing but PvP for over two hours this morning and NOT seeing any Pet Gnomes.




40% chance, huh? I’ve just missed four times in a row trying to hit her.

LOL… what the heck is going on… I just missed THREE more times. That’s 7 dodges in a row. Is this bugged?

Oh, nope. The 8th one connected and killed her.

Okay, SEVEN dodges in a row @ 40% chance each. Wow.

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I have zero doubt there is “simulated difficulty” in this game.

What I mean is there are checks. For example, the game checks your team score vs the opponents. If your team score is higher, it adds say 10-15% to the AI rates. Simple way to overcome lousy AI. Just make the rates higher against better teams to simulate it being more difficult.

This accounts for 35% bandits, spiders, 25% resurrect for infernal king, etc triggering at much higher rates.


I’ve had those 0.0016384 odds before, too — Artema and Infernal King are the worst offenders :joy:


Well, to be fair IK has a like 125% chance to resurrect after life. That’s my experience, at least.