Things that make you angry while playing GoW

And delve will be worse

I don’t know what kind of drugs you are on but I want some! There is zero difference between doing battles every day vs doing them all on Sunday. No exploit. No advantage.

In fact, waiting until Sunday means your guild might miss out on 50 guild seals and an xp boost by not getting the daily win.

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My 2 starting board today on champ:

Even tho won second one it’s lame to say the least, however found the solution, closed gow and gone play Warframe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Arachnaean Weaver showing up WAY more often than any other mythic in explore. And I mean that literally. It’s not just observer bias.


Its partly because its monster week
If i see a fully traited weaver i just retreat

Edit: as i started paying attention to what troops im facing, ive seen event mythics (scorpious, megavore, ra,…) quite often, roughly the same frequency as weaver. Non event mythics (worldbreaker, gargantuar, undine,…) do show up too but rarer

I had more fully traited AW show up than gnomes during the weekend event. Flat refuse to believe it was coincidence. Especially since this weekly event is explore only and I have seen exactly ZERO.

I’ll refuse to believe is a coincidence that there is a flash sale about vault keys and that other than the very first gnome event i did (where even if true that i spammed a LOT but ended up with 40 keys) in all others got at best an handful of keys.

Solution is simple tho , stopped bothering with it and that saved me from getting angry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Out of 400-500 matches during the vault weekend. I ended up with 1 vault key. Usually I get at least 10. 🤷

Every time I open the game on XB1 (though retrying usually works)

“Your connection to the server has timed out. Please try again later”

When I switch from Moon Rabbit/Rope Dart team to Yao/Tai-pan in order to counter their Stormbrew and get this starting board (or any other variation of the same situation).

(…and that Stormbrew wasn’t even empowered…)

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Webspinner is getting on my nerves recently. Been seeing it in pvp more often lately, and it is insanely overpowered as a singular unit. Many overpowered troops are overpowered as a result of an extremely effective combo it has with another card, but webspinner can have it’s cake all on it’s own. If it gets a single skull hit, it’s basically an automatic kill against any troop that isn’t either immune to web or barriered.

This may not have been as much of an issue back when it first came out, due to fewer kingdoms being available and fewer kingdom stars being available, but now at least, the x3 damage on the average attack stat they have is enough to one shot even my hero.

God help you if you open with a board that has two skull matches on different ends of the board; it’s basically an automatic kill that can’t be stopped.

i havnt even seen a spinner in pvp in long time…xD

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it too. It’s started showing up for me only int he last couple of days. I don’t recall having issues with it before, so I think the stat growth since then has caused it to become more powerful int he shadows. xD

Webspinner is strong, but it can be stopped by a hero class first turn entangle (like Archer), then stun or just kill it quickly.

Not saying you’re wrong, but not the worst thing to run into.

That can sometimes work. I’m not meaning to say that it’s un-counterable. Just that it’s ability is very annoying. I’m more explaining what I’m observing and why it frustrates, more than arguing for a nerf. I wouldn’t expect a nerf unless it like became a huge resurgence and filled all the PVP slots like DE did. xD

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I tried out an amusing team: Webspinner, Valkyrie to create 4-matches, Fist of Zorn for empowered converting yellow to skulls, and Scyllia for bonestorm. It was scary how often a first turn Zorn cast would chew through 2-3 troops. Even troops that had skull damage reduction melted pretty quick. But against an Impervious enemy or a hero that entangle/stuns, it just stalled hard.

Was a fun diversion though.

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i totally agree with you about the “not the worst possible thing to run into”, when you got rope dart qilin ishbala

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There is absolutely only one thing that ticks me off with GoW:

Getting diamonds.

See, I’m okay with a grind. I’m okay with tough delves. I’m even okay with chaos orbs being outrageously weighted. I can take a lot of punishment.

But I’m still 21 Mythics (not counting Zuul, because… Zuul) behind with no foreseeable way of catching up. All the keys and glory that I get in a month MUST go towards getting the new Mythic or I will fall further behind. That means I must rely on using Diamonds to get the Mythics I’ve missed… but no matter what you do, the best you can hope for is 4k diamonds in a month. There is simply no option to grind for them. They really need to fix treasure hunt to spit them out for vaults or… just do something.

This wouldn’t be that big a deal if they didn’t make having the Mythic as the req for Power Level 10, but here we are…


When you cast irongut with over 100 attack and he doesn’t devour. How broken can this game get? Its ridiculous when there is nothing there to block/stop the devour :-1:

Never seen this happen unless the troop was immune to devour or blessed.