Things that make you angry while playing GoW

What you’re facing is frustrating and I can’t fix that part. But I think you’re thinking about it a slightly-wrong way and if you change your perspective a little it’s easier to deal with.

The goal, for now, is not “get all mythics, any mythics, at all costs”. There are more than 40 mythics, but only about 6 of them are part of a meta team that is “needed” for very high level play. And speaking honestly, the most dangerous PvP team I use and the GW teams I lose most consistently to are made up of Legendaries.

So here’s a thought: until you have a surplus of resources, stop thinking you have to to get the new mythic every month. Some month, a new “as bad as Gargantaur” is going to come out. Do you think you should throw away EVERYTHING to get a troop you might never use? Probably not. Skip it.

But also look at a “decent” mythic like Champion of Anu. In endgame, I use it sometimes in GW, but not all the time. It probably won’t hurt you to miss a mythic like this and hope that luck or diamonds bless you with it later.

The reason you do this is because if 1 month of resources only gives you about a 50% chance, 2 months will probably give you 75, and so on. Eventually you’ll have an 80% or 90% chance of getting the new mythic. If you save up and only spend when the mythic is really good, you only fall behind “as a collector”, not “in terms of competition”.

Use diamonds wisely and start with the strongest mythics that will dramatically boost your capabilities. EliteMasterEric maintains one here. Ignore that it says it’s 4.2.5, he’s probably updating it and it’s not THAT out of date. Get the S-Rank mythics. Then the A-Rank mythics. Then, you can sort of stop caring.

It’s much faster if you’re an an active guild that finishes all of its tasks and gets all of its reward portals. The game’s economy assumes you will do that. There are plenty of these that don’t mind taking in players who “don’t have enough”. If you don’t want to join one of these, that is what is actually making you angry about GoW. (I think it’s valid to say the game makes being in a good guild too advantageous.)


I opened 45 vault keys and get following orbs…

3 minor ascension
7 minor growth
8 minor wisdom

1 greater wisdom
3 greater growth


So you only got 3 minor ascension and no other orbs.

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I was going to read all this. Nope.

I see a lot of AI complaints. Too true. Not just the sky skulls of death X5, but I drain troops that are back at full unzipping and wizzbanging on me. I sense the futility of the fight must cease. I used to have a decent streak, 197. Now, not so much. Not so much nobody. No sense of accomplishment, just more grind. Getting lucky means you survive. I don’t have a complaint about resources, seeing both sides and beyond. We, the players, want some R&R. Rest and Relaxation. Not frustration. I could suggest better AI tweaks. Nope. Also seems two or more programmers are fighting the algorithms of the other, to bend the sense of “Fair” to their liking. We no likey. Chat has saturated people who don’t want to do the latest shiny object event, I don’t mind. Content seems to have eaten up perfectly good uses of time. I mind that a bit. Scale back time necessary. People playing don’t like feeling pressured to hamster wheel.

I insist an employer get it right. I don’t need more positives, I need less negatives. Making allowances for a glitchy AI is not the same as elegant revision. We used to enjoy using looping teams. Miss miss, Ms, miss. Freeze teams were Meta, Devour, Ubastet… Skull spam once upon a time. There are few reasons to push limits anymore. Rock Paper Scissors is more fun. One third of the time. One third its tie, third is lose. We would like to challenge teams on equal footing. Firebombs+Wabbit took out our #3 guy. Rly? Srsly? We all know a joke team when we see one. Lust gets stunned, check.

Lets see, mechanics. No Bend. Equal chance of x,y,z, never explodes first. Usually reduces attack. Ok. Three Times? Or does AoE last. Great little dudes if they ever learn to stop favoring reduction. Can we PLEASE see a snowflake atop hero freeze starts? We don’t need anymore “Surprise!” in our lives. True, scout and sniff heros works, annoying. I’d like a radar detector on freeze. Wasting player time is not your priority list. I don’t mind how Infernus works. I don’t mind vanity leaderboard buy ups. Orbs, meh, disappointing, not issue. Oh, here’s a Something needs to die, Accumulating skulls in non bonestorm for loop teams. Hero has stun. Meh. But clogs board up with them, shoo, go away skulls! Also noted, hero explodes crusher. Yellow drops like no tomorrow. Enemy needs Yellow. Have a nice day! Dead anyway. During my dust storm. Fix that? We don’t want extremes that average out, we want a nice game we can enjoy and relax playing. I want the DAMMIT button that explodes board when we are FORCED to do only one choice, usually great for AI. No shuffle. Asplode. Time to cleanse, Player, 10 turns. AI, not so much.
Maps should give diamonds for multi cascades. Everyone would like maps better. I got an idea! Make notifications work so pet battles show up in minigames w/o restart! Silent notifies need not apply.

I think that is a good starter list. Imagine trying to keep all this afloat. I would not appreciate the sometimes feedback, either side.

the only thing that bothers me about the enemy AI is how fast they break out of status effects. if one of my troops is hit by EoE, that troop is out for the entire match. If i use EoE on an enemy player troop, I have to worry about it breaking out of everything except fire and poisen on the next turn.

So true lol, am using it on bounty and is a LOT if i can keep 2 of them debuffed at same time.

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I’ve only been playing GoW for a couple of weeks and found these to be annoying:

  1. Gem and even worse, skull cascading by the AI. You are left just sitting there while the AI gets multiple turns pretty much every time its turn comes up. The more frustrating part is that the computer sets it up where there is only one move you can make but you know if you make that move, you will give the AI a free turn or give the AI the skull kill.

  2. Cost to change between classes-wtf!? It is made wore by the cost in gems not gold.

  3. I’ve heard that a lot of the players playing the game on the Switch are in their 30’s but you would not think that when entering the chat room. A lot of immature people in there where if there is a female present, the guys jump on her and harass her (asking her to be his bf, asking to confirm that she is a female, etc). The chat area is not a dating site!

This happens to me far too often :frowning:


In this weekend’s bounty event, Wayfinder’s Agile trait.

20% chance to dodge skulls… suuuuuuureee it is.


The programming is such that if it doesn’t dodge on it’s first 20% roll, it decides to make it best of three, then five, then…


Waste of time. Waste of Gems.


Ouch, that smarts.

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Feel your pain @Namour


Wait, what? Removing the class change fee was one of the most well-recieved patches in recent memory.

Please don’t tell me the Switch has this again?

Switch is sort of out of sync with other platforms because STUFF.
If I remember correctly, they said it would be rectified when next major patch on Switch gets introduced.

As far as I’m aware the horse’s mouth says “no ETA” and if you want to read between the lines, “if” was used, not “when”:


Nimhain: While we’d like for all platforms to be in sync, we don’t have any eta at the moment if it will happen. Switch will get updates at a different rate to the other platforms, and we want to look at how that influences the existing schedule before we look at trying to catch them up.

For all I know they’ve updated that though. It’s hard to keep up when the dev team can have 4 different opinions posted by 3 different people on 5 different community platforms.

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See rope dart teams and not having a way to got old wepons, and when IA makes perfect cascades of skulls :rofl::rofl:

Doing a delve and the ONLY chest that upgrades is the 10% one.


Always having to buy a single sigil in delve events just because of a mere shortage of 500 points, then getting a Valraven in the first battle.


Being penetrated by spamming and pubertal chat talks and not being able to shut this sh** up.