Things that make you angry while playing GoW


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Well foul language is not accepted. This was my attempt to put it into kinder words. Grammar of War = GoW. :slightly_smiling_face: jk @Lyya

than* :stuck_out_tongue:


Phone has a mind of its own. Predictive text makes me angry


Yeah if i were you i would feel frustratingly angry too

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When a mythic you already have has more chance of dropping in event keys than the new legendary :-1:


Sometimes I feel like this game makes Revenge matches more difficult than normal ones.
Then I start with this board.

And soon after…

(As you can see, I didn’t get a single extra turn. And the AI got nothing but extra turns. :+1:)
Then I remember how Sirrian said the AI isn’t allowed to get too lucky.
I guess my bad luck doesn’t have a cap. :roll_eyes:
The only reason I’m not complaining about the shit show the AI has been in PvP all week is because it literally doesn’t do any good. The AI will balance out for a week or 2 and then be an absolute joke again. It doesn’t make any sense.
And this weeks Battle Crasher definitely helps the AI win more than lose.


Just lost a guild war match to someone with the classic infinite loop divine protector team. Haven’t seen it in the meta for a while since troll teams are all the rage, but it is still just as OP as ever. I am getting ever closer to just quitting. I have barely been playing lately and every time I log in to do the minimum required, I find myself just angry and upset. Every match ends in disaster because PVP is nothing but trolling and events are brazenly unfair. I don’t know why I bother with this game anymore if I never get any joy out of it, only anger. If it wasn’t for the fact that half my guild has quit and is currently struggling to not fall behind, I’d probably already be gone too.

Something really needs to be done to reign in the troll teams and the AI’s incredible “luck”.

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Not even going to name the team because the specific team isn’t the problem but losing to an opponent making 18 moves on their first turn in GW is a good way to make me not want to play the game for the rest of the day.

It’s not just one team, lots of teams have that capability if the wind blows their way. I’ve beaten that team 20-30 times in PvP this week, so I know it’s not particularly loop-happy, it just got good luck. Team nerfs aren’t the fix.

I’ve said for years I don’t think either player should get more than 3 moves per turn. I’ve never stopped feeling this way.

I lost my hero in a GW fight because the same rival troop shot his magic 7 times in the same turn, but nothing happens, only the players are cheaters, his AI is very legal

I wonder why you play a “normal” team against a team that has… mmh 80% ??? of the (so called) matches a startboard that you destroy in turn 1.

Against all the yao/titania teams i play my titania classic team (mercy alchimist hellcat titania) instead of mercy with tai pan, so i had a CHANCE not to get cheated trough the board. With frostmage its still a coin toss.

Same team with gimlet instead mercy against the drageneye trolls they got me a revenge… when you know the ai cheats, why you try this way ryan? You can’t win.:fu:t2::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I agree something has to be done against the AI… I get to take 1 turn & the AI makes 3, Casts & continues for 3 more moves. It’s utter BS… I also noticed it is a bit more frequent during any type of skull spam or skull storm…

Also in GWs, letting Guilds play out any “ANY” battles on Sunday other than Sundays Battles should be penalized points… The Daily GWs battles are for the specified day, if they don’t do them on the right day for any reason penalties should apply to all battles not played on their corresponding day. It’s a cheat & it is exploited at the higher levels where it should not be.

For bracket 10-1000 guild wars takes 10 minutes a day.
For bracket 1 it can easily take a hour.
Not everyone has a hour daily to play GW. Specially, with all the extra crap tacked on to do each day.
Doing matches on the weekend gains absolutely zero advantage over those who do them daily.
Like where does this irrationality even come from?


Come on… I play in Br1… Its a daily battle, should be done daily. It’s just my thought on the matter… day are color coded, you don’t play that specific day you loose those points, easy peesy… who knows maybe you do, but my Guild has been bumped out of 1st or 2nd place because of this exploit & I think it should be costly for everyone who doesn’t play their battles on the said day. There is 24 hours for people to make time to get it done daily.

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The punishment to not to play daily is the daily win. The daily battles are based on the color, not the day itself in my opinion.

I hate the feeling of seeing the game stall when you’ve got a “manged” up hero titan, creating less than a 7th of gems in skulls (because that should be the normal ratio) so that the enemy can seclude gem spawns solely to their colors. It’s not my fault in a delve with limited color choices that I can’t utilize some yellow and blues, so it shouldn’t penalize me by obscuring the board in a mist of blues and yellows until the AI gets a freebie spell. Also, they should really fix these ‘random’ charmers. Every time I fight the double Lamia fight they immediately charm the hero the second it’s buffed by mang. Random does not mean dedicated casting on first slot…

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I’m fed up with the Mercy-like troops that we keep getting. I feel like they add nothing to the game but enable broken AI defenses. Anything after the first Mercy has more or less downgraded the game, and making new Spirit Fox-like troops is not the answer.


I fully agree, empowered gem converters are a plague… get the wrong kind of board against one of these and you’re doomed, no matter what you do, they make PvP and events like GWs massively less fun.


Guild Wars was originally monocolored because all the defenses were easy to beat. That’s no longer the case.
My fix is, having the defenses have to be monocolored as well. Otherwise, get rid of the color restrictions completely.


Yeah, with every new empowered gem converter, the odds get better and better that someone will make a perfect infiniloop team with three empowered converters and megavore, then the meta will be completely unplayable.