Things that make you angry while playing GoW


Getting 1 pet copies for each of the last 10 rescues…



Seen that AW spawn the effin bugged webspinner i think it spawn already to much, happened a couple of times that a lasr surviving AW got a kill, spawned a WS that then wiped everyone (even those full or almost seen he does 110+ as base damage) with skull kindly gifted to him from the sky.

Like more fight 20 bandits than 1 webspinner thx.


Of course now I’ve had the reverse happening as the Yao team has been more prevalent lol. Switch for like… two seconds, and its brown and red everywhere…


lol, a Mercy would be able to fill a whole yellow team with that…


TDS summon a baby dragon then baby dragon summon a TDS


Which then summoned a baby dragon which summoned a TDS.


Yes it was, but my preference is my own custom builds.
The only time i use the keys team is when there is a threatening enemy at the bottom which was Zuul in the match.
I’m very old fashioned (club them to death) with majority of my builds leaning towards skull teams but even the best strategy at times fails :grin:


Doomblade with Watery upgrade costing you the match.

• After sighting a 4 match (:gem_red::gem_red::gem_skull::gem_red:)


• Converting to (:gem_doomskull::gem_doomskull::gem_skull::gem_doomskull:)


• Conversion Final (:gem_doomskull::gem_blue::gem_skull::gem_doomskull:)


Happened a moment ago, true story


It’s so true…happened to me yesterday as well.


Getting abundance of gold or souls in delve chests.

I’d happily change every last one bit of those for chaos shards, especially if we talk about higher difficulty delves.
So, they want me to do hoard level 1000 for every faction delve, don’t they? I need gold (that I can get anywhere) and Treasure troops (that I can only get for chaos shards) to do that…then I finish long and stressful game on, let’s say, level 400 delve to get, as a reward, 30k gold or 1800 souls. Seriously? You’re not kidding, guys?
The way I see it is - the higher up (delve level) you go, the higher proportion of shards you receive as rewards.How am I supposed to achieve hoard level 1000 (for every faction!!!) if you give me gold or souls instead of chaos shards (that I would use to buy Treasure troops to level up my hoards)?


Level 200 boss.

Was able to take down 1 troop before getting annihilated. 🤦


Watch a stream and hear dev saying they will make delve easier and then we got that stupid boring 5 room delves before boss with agile, barrier, immerge, bleed and blessed
With 2 freaking explode troop that switch your order in the first room

We suppose to have fun during holiday but no they decided to give us the most difficult and frustrating delve ever!!


Getting to this point, just so the game goes like ‘nah, you’re not getting this faction maxed’ and skulls start raining left and right :sweat_smile:


Skulls, my entire weekend in a nutshell. Would love to know where I signed up for this crappy perma bone storm. Faction 200 took me 15ish tries to get done, and around 7-8 should have been wins for me if skulls didn’t keep screwing me over.


that’s after the AI exploded with Trickster near the beginning of the match.


The board that appeared after Marilith casted.

After I took those 2 4 matches (and an extra skull hit at the top), my top troop was down to 28hp. AI proceeded to cast and kill my top troop right after.

Every now and then I’d live with it, but its legit been this way all weekend.

Edit: Same match

Edit: Same match again

I’m half tempted to throw my controller in disgust and ragequit this game, but I don’t want to pay to replace the controller.


You forgot how Luna for the AI tends to get barrier and blessed on every cast. Yet Luna for the player will stun or burn the enemy AI. RFG at it’s finest.


Blessed is like a given for AI, i have let Lapina knight cast 4 times, she ALWAYS bless the enemy team.


Pure evil never looked so cute.


Restarting the game doesn’t help in the slightest. For every “favorable” skull alignments for me, just imagine how many bad ones where I’m on the receiving end. I don’t want to see this many skulls unless there’s a bonestorm.

Even a Doomstorm would yield less skulls than this.