Things that make you angry while playing GoW


What annoys me the most is simple:

When the enemy leaves you only one turn, and then that move will result in such a way that the enemy will use it to get a skull match that will do 46 skull damage while you have 46 life left. It happened just yesterday in the Bounty event.

P.S.: I have to buy a new chair now. It was already broken before that, don’t worry. :wink:


I loathe PvP so much and getting the PvP weekly mission makes me so pissed off at how BS it is. Enemies getting bonus turns from 3 matches, the mana I need never being available but always for the enemy, DRAGON’S EYE STILL NEEDS NERFED, titan spam, skeleton key comp, board perfectly set up for an empowered troop to activate Dragon’s Eye or Yao Guai and so on…

Very few team comps are fun to go against in PvP… it’s so unbalanced and really shows a lack of caring from developers like the higher tier Delves and original Tower of Doom rewards (I don’t even know if they changed anything).


Skull drop takes out my first troop.
Death Mark takes out my second troop as soon as it could.
Iron gut missed it’s devour despite the 60% chance to devour. Quickly dies after from skull drops.

I didn’t even get one 4 or 5 gem match.
I was on my last sigil of course…

It’s crap like this that makes players feel like the game “can be rigged”.
Too much artificial bad luck in a game mode where the AI doesn’t need any luck.


Well, even if dont make me angry seen got used by now this is how it was my last sigil.

On my first turn cant do anything more than matching 3 brown, got barrier and filled mang.

AI turn, Glaycion fill up, cast, destroy hero and second troop.

My second turn, i retreated.


I experience that a lot and it is so unfair and rigged to the AI. Good example was the delves… the AI doesn’t even need to try yet it’s always rigged for them to just win without needing to do anything. Just not fun at all (Like AI always getting brown to get that accursed barrier up) but never dropping brown for you when you use the same class.


Well, basically you cant let the ai play, just did delve, in 3 runs (390-420 sod) the ai managed to cast once, a night hag that ofc turned my converter into a op toad, failed the delve lol.

Was also kinda lame when time ago i was using famine as regular, so many times the turn after i casted him seen mythics/db’s not only fill up but also cast in my face.

No point anyway ask for changes/nerfs/anything all the changes i seen so far are against players (like DE that was making delve too easy, also about delve i seen now sacred treasures are rare as fk, with like 5k seals got a whopping 1 of them, dont even recall when i got the one before that lol, the leg task that are soso, etcetc).

But anyway there’s hordes that get hypnotized by hypemakingovernothing streams (watched once x mistake few second of a stream about delve, when seen the dude was against troops with 2x attack rofled and closed) and stand as paladins with shiny armor, or braggarts that always post the stuff they got (after years they are nolifing here lol) saying it’s all easy and there’s too much of this and that (at least dont cry if there’s no new players as replacement lol).


The terrible odds of drawing a mythic annoys me at times, this time being one of them. An entire month of playing should be more than enough to earn a mythic but no. Not even a pity boost mechanic to help the odds at all like in Fire Emblem Hroes, you just lose tens of thousands of gems, keys, glory, and seals and get nothing.


No, you don’t have to waste all your resources chasing a Mythic, some actually wait until they can craft the Mythic in the Soulforge. And if they don’t have diamonds, they will just wait for it - to craft it one day, as it’s nothing more than one troop. Some have even set a limit that they will spend max when it comes to the opening, and if they don’t get lucky getting it, they will wait for it to appear in the Soulforge. Others refuse to use any of their gems chasing an exclusive Mythic, so when they have spent all their keys without getting it, that’s it - soulforge next. It is many strategies. Nobody said you have to spend all your resources for trying to get a Mythic at it exclusive week.


When the AI/RNG is scaled against you and you kill 4 troops in the raids but AW’s third trait never triggers. I need to start recording my matches again cause the AI is getting 4/5 gem matches out of no where. #fun🙄


Imagine how bad it was before the animation speed. Was like watching gems matching in slow motion. And while the Goblins did their thing you could leave and get a coffee. ^^

Now you higher up the speed and your time won’t get wasted like that.

But I dislike time wasting too, like after every pvp battle. I don’t need to see the points going up or down, just get me the screen for the next team!


A few versions ago they released the patch notes before release, and it mentioned this had been removed. I was excited! Then, post-release, that portion of the patch notes disappeared.

I’m suspicious the reason the screen exists is because (on mobile) if you spam the “next” button on the victory screen, you’re likely tapping where the “pay gems to refresh” button is on the selection screen, so they want to give you a different target and hope you move your frantic tapping.


Dragon’s Eye.


Absolutely agree. Just need a Dragon’s Eye (Enemy) delve room to fully cement the problems of the weapon.


I thought hag and giant toad were already the DE (enemy)


Hag chances are too low but a new room with the mushroom, the hag, spooky imp and tpk would defo be fun :3


Yep, a pure transformation room. That would be fun right(!) I would still say to have the Dragon’s Eye in the room though with 3 other troops to truly show why Transformation is the most painful and anti-fun effect in the entire game.


Bandit rezzed 10 times. :roll_eyes:

(No necromancy troops or soul earners.)
What I get with the same team during a normal Match.

Makes me miss Infernal Kings respawn rate. 🤦


Bandit… Eyeball…
Bandit… Eyeball…
Bandit… Eyeball…
Bandit… Eyeball…
Ban… Aaaaaaaaggghhhh :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:


Ah yes… the fun of 50% chance of a bandit to spawn with another bandit being it and even if it dies, All-Seeing Eye intervenes leading to that situation… I think the Bandit summoning needs to be looked at since it (and Weaver’s 3rd trait) need some tinkering. Bandit spawns more towards the 75% mark and Weaver at 50% (3 enemies killed with an empty slot, no spawns… enemies had bandits reappear 3 times… woo(!))

Guessing Skeleton Key comp is what you used?


Not something of too much worry, but I absolutely adore the arbitrary percentages they give to spell effects taking place. I just had an explore with an enemy Gluttony troop, who cast twice, and got two devours. Not only is that a one in five, that’s two sequential one in fives, aka 1 in 25 chance. Why is it that the AI always gets success on less than 5 percent skill checks and I can’t get a single effect to occur unless its half or more?