Things that make you angry while playing GoW


Oh look lambis bread, and more lambus bread…


Much appreciate having a troop pop up with glory.

However, Moa is not a BROWN mana troop and replaces a brown mana troop consistently enough that the « kill brown mana troops » event is taking me forever to complete on a holiday weekend when my family expects me to spend more quality time with them than with GoW. :frowning:


Losing to the very first room in a delve because the game decided to give the enemies perfect skull falling to nuke your vital troop in the front like The Great Maw. FUN(!) I hate the high level delves and this event doesn’t help with the mandatory climbing to get all the rewards.


Just lost the pargon fight in GW to a 6 hp left solo worldbreaker who infinilooped his spell getting enough magic sky drops to fill up to full mana and get a free turn EVERY TURN. I am really tempted to uninstall right now. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry with the game.


My most ridiculous loss was like, only enemy hero left (DawnB) at 1 hp, 0 mana and burning, when i pass turn the burn disappear, he fill db and shoot (damage was low and i still had 3 troops at decent hp) then after like 1 sec (i swear i missed the cascade, if db can even make cascades, dunno) he shoot it again, wasnt enough to kill me but after that on the board there was not even a single 3 match (or skulls) i could use and in the 5 turns that lasted he finished my team with skulls gifted from the sky, hilarious.



it’s the main reason I hate delves because at the higher levels it is not easy to kill them and because of the stupid changes to force you to beat every single room to be able to get all the rewards doesn’t help matters. Lose your main damage dealer? Tough, leave or die in the GOBLIN THRONEROOM!

Speaking of which, Fizzbang needs more randomization or removing the extra turn because her explosion happens every single time and with the Queen, it’s impossible to win oh and, did I mention your main damage dealer being transformed into a useless troops like Toadstool?! Oh yeah.

I’m so infurated right now because of that and it makes me utterly hate this game at times. Goblins and transformation are just the worst and no, I didn’t have any freeze troops since it wouldn’t fit and I rather have the trusty entangle over a random freeze any day at the higher levels where a bad cascade is game over.

Don’t even get me started on the amount of lucky cascades the enemies get, especially if they are goblins were they go from nearly dead to +50 hp each. WHY CAN’T I GET THAT LUCK!?


Edit: Oh and I can’t believe I forgot about it but yeah, Dragon’s Eye as well needs a major look at and prevent it from having a guaranteed transform without a negative like transforming the user into a Baby Dragon.


oh, so much things what i hate, but in the summary its the cheating ai…

like 100% bandit summon, cascades where i can get afk and make a coffee, skullcascades from hell, extraturns from 3 match, 100% manasurgechance, antistorms, storms created from troops they can’t create storms, turn 1 losses etc.

i don’t have problems with losses but they way how i’ve been ridiculous fucked in this game kills my fun every day and i play it only for my guild these days and that is uncool. no one likes to get punked.


Recently? Infinite standoff with Prismatic Orb in GW. :angry:


Going to the bar and pick a fight…


Growth orbs aren’t worth a fight :laughing:. But in all seriousness; sorry for the poor luck.

My results were a little better, but similar:


Of course you know not to pick a bar fight, you have so much wisdom.


Wisdom is at least much more valuable over growth so there is that. If I got 3 Growth for the pain and suffering of 200+ enemies…


We have yet to get a Slimeball rescue…


Not exactly angry but…getting a mythic from a chest after you crafted it in the Soulfourge just a few days ago.


Yeah. The only time that it’s “nice” is when you can use more than one copy of that Mythic, in a team, like Ra.


The last 2 weeks are very frustrating for me. In my opinion, something is different, i loss twice as much matches to all the time before, but i changed nothing. And all the matches i loss are soo ridiculous that the fun is far away.
I don’t know… :roll_eyes::triumph::grimacing:


We just got it. gihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


You may have slightly strayed over the pegi 12 threshold here tho I do understand your frustration.


The fact All Seeing Eye’s faction team is atrocious. Especially in the mirror match where the enemy leech outsteals your attack, plenty of wide scale high damage and of course, Watch Mother being completely screwed over on mana front.

Ocularen blocks Blue and Xerodar changes Yellow to skull… even at level 200, it was worse than Hall of Guardians.



There is something wrong with this picture…any guesses?

Orbs of growth or wisdom should NOT be given as automatic prizes when their drop rate is already so high.