Things that make you angry while playing GoW


When you re-order your team to account for the dust devil, but then the dust devil refills itself via a cascade on turn 2 and your careful alignment gets all jacked up anyway.


Lol, and then your response is always "oh for f@$#s sake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know… both PvP and high level anything are seriously problematic. PvP might not be seen as much but definitely anything at level 100 or beyond it is when the damage becomes problematic. Dust Devils are perhaps the ‘kindest’ of the empowered lot as, while shuffling your team around is a problem, it has a set damage of 5 making it so much more tolerable vs a Spirit’s Fox’s high+ true damage spell.

If they were changed to have a different trait instead of empowered, it wouldn’t be so bad or even a new class like “Delve Spirit Fox” which would act similarly like “King/Eternal” and a different trait instead of empowered. Best examples of a good and bad change are Eternal Gard’s Avatar and Eternal Elemaugrim.

Eternal Elemaugrim’s third trait got completely butchered from lowering all enemies attack by 4 on each 4/5 gem match to burning 1 enemy with it. It might sound bad but… it’s main ability never changed much other than some extra gems if I recall.

Eternal Gard’s Avatar on the other hand, is a bad change. It’s third trait went from “+4 armor each ally cast” to “+4 armor for each yellow match” and to make matters worse, it does TRUE damage instead of regular Gard’s Avatar.

Now imagine both of them are level 200 as a sick joke in a delve room (With let’s say +1 magic for them), who would be the better pick? I don’t agree with Eternal Elemaugrim’s 3rd trait but it is a good example that they could make unique copies of the delve/raid/invasion troops and adjust it accordingly.


In general, I agree, but there are exceptions. For example, if you’re using Mang to try and help with Raids, but with Dust Devil in play, you could end up having a Hero with 100s of attack in 3rd or 4th slot. At that point, your Hero’s attack might as well be 0 for how “useful” it would be in that position, especially if your Raid Troop has already bit the dust.


It’s better to use the Earth Fury for this raid for the reasons everyone put above.

It’s just too unpredictable with sometimes dust devils recharging too quickly or having two dust devils or a dust devil being replaced with a valraven.

Aside from that, zuul sniping the hero after all the buffs is another big risk.


Yup. This is why I don’t really “dig” Sigil events or even Delves for that matter. I hate that it can turn lackluster troops into killing machine or at the very least something that really screws with the point of your team.

All these inflated stats do is make a game mode hard for its own sake. It’s not challenging in the sense of skill or strategy. It’s challenging in the sense that “if you get lucky, you win, if not, then better luck next time.”

Sadly, a lot of Gems of War has become about luck and RNG as of late. It was one thing before to get troops and such that way, but now it feels like it’s in everything: what troop you get, what pets you get and how many copies, what orb you get, if you get lucky before the AI or not every battle (in things like high level Raids and such), etc.

The reason I like thing like PvP is, baring some luck and RNG, you do have a good idea of whether you can win or not based on your skills/strategy as a player and how good your troops are. Raids and Invasions and such strip that away after a certain level. Then, it just becomes about who gets a lucky skulls drop first or who can fire their most powerful troop. And, in the case of ToD with Spirit Fox, it was almost guaranteed that by Turn 2, you were down to 3 troops. It sucks.

And, not only do things like ToD start to be about luck only after a certain point, you then need to buy/get Sigils for the “privilege” to try again. And, in the case of Invasions and ToD, if you don’t kill anything, you don’t get anything. At least in Raids, if you even do 50 damage to Zuul you get something more out of it than “better luck next time”.


Here again to point out how annoying it is that the game lies to you about troop levels in delves. I confirmed today that the lvl 430 hoard buff, which happens to be the level of my Hall of Guardians delves at the moment, is only about 300 health and armor combined, whilst the boss room grants all enemies with well over 300 in armor AND health. At best, you get maybe half of the fortitude your enemies get, and that’s not counting the 80 attack and 20 magic against enemies that literally gain 80 magic at level 400 or so.


You only gain 1 stat per hoard level, while a troop can gain multiple stats per troop level


I’m just saying that maybe they could introduce a mode specific leveling system for your troops, rather than a gold fountain to dump into. It’s pretty bad that the enemies get arbitrary boosts and the only way to level it out is to pay up.


Yes current system is bad and unfair. The devs said theyre looking into it and hopefully they will adjust it in the near future


Wait, they didn’t account for such a situation?
That’s hogwash! In any case, such task should not even trigger if it’s not possible to complete.


I believe theyve fixed this issue. If you have everything traited/leveled, this type of task wont show up


I get frustrated when every day someone asserts they should’ve been able to beat a level 500 Delve on release day and it’s unfair that they’re going to have to spend a lot of resources to beat a mode designed to last a year.



And people say Dragon’s Eye doesn’t need nerfed huh?


There is a Lofty solution to the Dervish


Collecting last Raids/Invasion reward and getting an Major Orb of Growth makes me wanna destroy the whole house…


You can get other orbs from this??? :astonished:


Yes, if you get lucky.


Oh yeah, I forgot.

Orbs of Wisdom too :laughing: