Things that make you angry while playing GoW


Back again after being cut out mid delve because of the time lapse. I’d just like to state how painfully aggrevating it is to play the new delve, considering how well it shows just how poor the percentile chances are in the player’s favor. Never have I seen the game go harder to get several agile procks in succession, and to make their random, RANDOM, bunnicorn charm cast always hit a mang buffed hero to kill out your second or third troop, depending on flipping. That and the nonsense of the tricksters always accumulating 10 of 11 mana per cast every time is utter trash. Maybe next time focus on a little more skill, whoever makes this game, rather than going with a team that is not only worthless anywhere outside of its own inclusive delve, but flaunting your inadequacies at making a fair match like they were your crown jewels. Seeing every ‘all allies positive status’ as a barrier isn’t very fun when you’ve got 12 delves to do just before the time limit.


Usual :ox::poop:

I’m sure many would say I should appreciate the minor Ascension Orb. I can’t because of all the bs RFG. But yeah it can be worse. It can also be a lot more fair and balanced.


It’s an issue with holiday skulls generating a perma bone storm.

Someone raised this issue a while back and although Cyrup dismissed this being a bug, turning the holiday gems off resolved the issue.


Well dang, I didnt know that was a thing. I guess I have to join the crowd that hates holiday skulls. Thanks for that


Turned holiday gems off. Still a constant skull storm during ToD to F people over. I’m guessing it’s their new idea of scaling difficulty. :+1:
It’s an amazing way to make people not want to play their game.


I just turned off festive themes, played 1 daily delve and 1 tower of doom and noticed way more skulls then when i still had it on earlier today.

Can’t play with holiday skulls when they’re on, can’t play with it off when holiday skulls are off. What the heck.


Lol… Fair enough… I’ll go back to Holiday gems being on and see if it’s more favorable. They could stop breaking shit when they add shit… That would be nice. 🤷

Update: The festive gems being on or off doesn’t matter. It’s simply the game choosing to screw you over pretty much.

  • The luck factor that gives the AI endless Cascades after Trickster clearing the board.
  • Random status effects Always being barrier or blessed for the AI.
  • Or having the difficulty of the game be dependent on time of day.

The last loss was definitely my fault. I knew the AI was on Max difficulty. But I wanted to see if the skulls would still be an issue. They weren’t. The AI ripped me a new one in different ways instead. :clap:


I noticed if I eat a breakfast with three pieces of toast, there are less skulls than on days when I eat two pieces of toast. Also, if the number of swear words I’ve said is an even number, I tend to get more cascades. I tried turning holiday gems on and off, but I need to perform more experiments because I was playing on the East side of my room, and at 4PM I see more green gems if I play on the side that’s closer to Salt Lake City.


Didn’t know that you have this kind of humor. :rofl:


Well I mean like I saw it earlier and interpreted it as a real bug: “The game is keeping a skull storm active across many games and it stops if you toggle this setting”. That’s a tangible, provable thing and definitely qualifies as a bug.

But as it goes on I get the feeling “skull storm” was meant to mean “I’m upset because I lost to a series of improbable skull cascades”. That’s not really a storm, and toggling game settings isn’t really going to change it.

And like, I’m also not invalidating the feeling, because it sucks to be on the receiving end. But this is reality:

This is a game where the teams that win are the teams that are really good at one or more of the following:

  • Manipulating the board so they get multiple free turns.
  • Manipulating the board so one or more colors is eliminated, thus creating high probabilities of massive cascades.
  • Exploiting boards manipulated as described above to generate large amounts of skull damage.

The bad side of this kind of gameplay is if one gem falls out of place, you pass the turn to the CPU with everything set up for them to get it. Worse, often their team is good at one or more of the talents, to, so you’ve tilled the field and planted the seeds then lost the turn before the harvest. That’s when you get hit in the face with 1,800 skull damage, 8 free turns, and a lot of other stuff that is improbable except your team is designed to create that improbable scenario.

I’ve said for a long time I think there’d be less overall resentment and accusations of RNG manipulation in a mode with no free turns. That means if you did whiff with your converter, an entire class of “how the CPU can kill three troops with no recourse” gets eliminated.

I mean, seriously. I played 300+ PvP matches this week with the Skeleton Key team to finish off the Thief class. My team is designed to win in like, 6 turns, ignoring whatever the opponent is trying to do. There are no decisions to make.

So it follows that sometimes when I face another Skeleton Key team, if my first move isn’t spectacular, they beat me in like 6 turns, ignoring whatever I am trying to do. That’s not “a skull storm”, that’s “a team that is broken if you enjoy slow, strategic play”.


Ok, I was wrong.


I’m not sure where to share this, but I’d really like to suggest any form of smelting low tier treasure troops for their superior counterparts. Nothing drains the will to play this game like getting hundreds of actually useless coin pounches and gold rings that you can’t even burn for souls.


When you playing kerberos/kraken in doomtower on floor 25+ and you get your highest anti-devour-streaks with continuous 10+ misses in every 2nd battle and kill the enemy troop with the dmg from this cast before you eat only 1 ******* troop :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Unentangled High King Irongut with 38 attack missed fourteen devours in a row against a Jar of Eyes/Bandit hell team. Finally got one devour, up to 71 attack, then missed three more in a row, just to show me I was still at the RNG’s mercy.


Yeah, I had a miserable match with that exact team setup with my irongut. I managed to boost his attack to be able to devour, but Thief Hero summon spam was out of control. Skull kill a bandit, instant bandit. Devour an enemy? Next turn, jar of eyes puts another one there so I can’t target the hero still. Skull hit the bandit again another bandit shows up. Devour the summoned troop, bandit casts and hero trait summons a bird in it’s place.

By the time I was able to actually target the hero with a devour, I had devoured enough to have 500+ atk, and had killed at least 5 bandits with skull damage.


When you are suppose to get 3 daily delve runs to do and the game gives you 2. The list of issues/bugs never reduces but increases.


Irongut missing with 99 attack. I wish I recorded it.


I don’t see you talking about all the times he didn’t miss with 99 attack, so this is clearly a case of recall bias :wink:


When you finally manage to get a Major Orb in the Vault, and it is a major orb of Growth smiling at ya.


When Goblins has 8+ free turns multiple times per game.

I typed an entire rant about it in Discord before they finished.

The thing I hate most in video games is when I have to put my controller down and wait for the computer to finish making a long, complicated series of moves. I want to feel like I am empowered. I don’t feel like that when there are 30 seconds or longer between my turns.

I don’t care about Frozen or any of the other counters. I normally beat the hell out of a Goblins team. But that 1% where they get a perfect setup still remains the most miserable experience in all of GoW. I would argue it’s even more miserable because it’s gone from “welp I lose 75% of matches” to “I win 99%”. People who make the “just use a counter” argument are just jerks trying to make me mad. Joke’s on you: I’m already mad.

It is NOT satisfying when the only way a team wins is by making you watch a cutscene.