There should be an option to craft a Troop and Weapon with your choice of Mana

There should be an option to craft a Troop and Weapon with your choice of Mana.

I’m not sure if this ever was a topic, but it should be possible.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but summoning stones rotate what can be made each week and you can pick any color you want :man_shrugging:

I want to be able to craft my own Troop and pick the mana colors I want. Lol… I want to craft the buff also if that’s not asking too much. Lol

You mean design an entire troop from scratch? Man, that’d be fun—but it is a Huge ask from a coding/game-design standpoint.

What’s to stop people from making troops that can blast through all the content with ease? How do the devs give players the tools they would need to make unique additions to the game without first coding analogs (meaning—if you want to make a troop do a thing unlike any other troop, say, shuffle all my stats randomly, how would the devs know that ahead of time so that they could allow you the option by coding in the possibility?). Etc…

My suggestion would be, therefore, making a thread (or adding to this one) the troop design you’d like to see. Because ya never know: a dev might see it, like it, and add it (or something like it) to the game :slight_smile:


In my mind, the troop would be created in the soul forge. This is how it would go:

  1. I will pick my Krystara
  2. I would pick a Female or Male Card (The developer would come up with a specific style every month), it will cost Gems to get a blank card.
  3. Then, I would pick my own Troop Role, my favorite it SUPPORT… That will cost Gold, a lot of gold
  4. Then, I would select my spell type which would cost mythic ignots.
  5. Then finally the troop traits… There will be a large amount of celestial traitstones needed for each one.
  6. Then I will pick the color mana the troop will need or multiple mana.

Nothing new will be created, we will use all of the current aspects of the game, it’s just that I can create it how I want.

That would bring the thrill and the grind back to the game. Also, it will level the playing field since we don’t have real time PVP.

As mentioned, this would be incredibly hard to design in terms of programming.
But more importantly it would be pretty much impossible to let us create troops that we find interesting, yet at the same time keeping the game balanced.
You already mention it should cost a lot of resources, so only end game players or whales would be able to do it.

So it would most definitely NOT level the field. And I have no idea how real time PVP is relevant here.

The only way I see this -maybe- working is if the troops are all in the power range of commons and more of a joke/cosmetic thing. Which would have such a small market that the expense of designing this mode would be nowhere near worth it, but at least the game would remain balanced.


Yup…3 mana…fast start. Kill everything and get an extra turn and a 1000 gold. Sorted.

Lol, you can’t create any new skills. There will be a list of skills that already exist… lol

Might be cool if the available list of skills had a “cost” and added to the base amount (say 3) … so that if you create a 100% devour troop that creates skulls - its cost may be like 30 mana. But if you create a troop that converts red to purple, may cost 11 or 12. Question is, where would the art come from? Devs might be liable if the user uploads copyrighted art.

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Nothing has to change, we can use the same troops that already exist, we just have the option to change the mana, traits and skills. Sometimes I have the perfect team but I will substitute a troop just to make sure I have each mana color.

If they added the option to change what mana colors a troop uses after you gold medal it, that would add a huge amount of variety and complexity to the game, especially in guild wars, as each defense team could be truly one of a kind.

yeah, gobtruffle changed to use green and brown to self feed himself and loop all the way…
i see it comming…

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