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Option to craft troops

We should have the option of crafting any troop we want for a specific amount of Souls. I mean, we can already disenchant them, so why not craft them also?

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Like hearthstone we would need a new currency for that, such as dust.

@Blacklaser GREAT IDEA!

In case, you all havent figured it out, yet, I am all for anything that helps me access full content! :wink:

@killerman3333 I have to disagree I think @Blacklaser hit the nail on the head. We have already established that when we crush them and grind them up they become souls, it makes sense then that souls would make an acceptable currency for the crafting of new troops.

I like this very much… :smiling_imp: :fearful: :anger_right::skull_crossbones::pray::baby::innocent:

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Treasure Maps! Finally a fast way to get rid of them! :tada:

Seriously though, it should be the same currency you get for disenchanting troops, which would currently be souls. Problem is, you can currently get far more souls by soul farming than you would get from disenchanting duplicates, which makes this a bad balance decision. The only way I could see this working is to switch disenchanting to a new exclusive currency and require crafting to take an excessive amount of that currency, at least at a 10:1 ratio. Can’t have everybody own each troop in next to no time, devs need some money to eat too.

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Souls or Gold would be just fine. Making a new currency just for crafting troops would be dry and linear. Another method would be to sacrifice multiple cards of varying rarities depending on which troop you are trying to craft.

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A fusion mechanic like persona has perhaps? I use skeleton + dragon to get bone dragon?

50 skeletons and 25 Wyverns (No common dragons).

The more I think about this, the more I realize how this isn’t beneficial to low-level players. It takes quite a bit of time to acend a common to legendary, and then you lose that common and its corresponding points for its kingdom. This system is simply not feasible within the current system we have.

It’s a neat idea, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen, for reasons stated in similar threads.

I also don’t think it will happen, but if I’m wrong:
My suggestion is to use souls (at least 10 times what you get from disenchanting, more like 50 or 100 times that) plus some gems - maybe equal to the amount of souls from disenchanting. Perhaps something like 10k souls and 100 gems for a Legendary of choice wouldn’t disrupt the game economy, so the devs can be persuaded to add the feature?

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I love all of this.

You currently receive 100 souls for disenchanting a legendary, regardless of lvl.
The crafting of a specific legendary should cost 10,000 souls or 100x the disenchanting cost.

This would require the sacrifice of 100 other legendaries or hordes of squishy minions.

And including a crafting cost of 100 gems to pay for the use of the “temple” or “necromancer” to perform the ritual is more than acceptable. I might even be willing to go higher on the gem cost if that’s the only thing holding the devs back…

Great Suggestion @GemsCollector! :wink:

Agreed. The thing people don’t realize is that the drop rates in Gems are way more favorable than in Hearthstone. I’m honestly surprised the drop rates for Lgenedaries are as good as they are.

It isn’t going to happen. The devs have to be able to pay the bills somehow, and what they sell are bundles containing things people want to have Right Now. The alternative is to just keep playing, it will all drop eventually.

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What reasons?

I brought up hearth stone because of the crafting system, also in hearthstone you are always guaranteed a rare (i think) for every pack that you open. Each pack is 5 cards so it is easy to get and craft troops you do not have (considering we do not have crafting). At this time crafting is not viable but in the past it was, before the chest update. A troop crafting system that either allows you to craft out right or fuse troops into each other would be nice but then the money made from it would be lacking. If it cost gems to fuse troops we hit the debate of pay to win vs free to play.

This quote is about trading, not sharding, but the essential point is the same. Anything that speeds up the power curve harms the company’s bottom line.

Would the use of gems for fusion hurt their bottom line or would it push for sales of gem packs?