The Wendigo spell does not get its boost

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The Wendigo is not receiving his spell boost from HM’d enemies.

This happens all the time.


Two troops bugged from a single faction? :thinking:

I’m also not seeing any boosted damage when testing in Explore. My Wendigo does 15 - 30 damage per troop. If the entire enemy team has Hunter Marks, then it should add 4 x 5 damage, for a minimum of 35 damage.

Instead, I’ve seen my Wendigo deal 16 damage even when 4 enemies have Hunter Marks…

Some pictures to help support OP:

Base damage is 15 - 30. Against 4 enemies with Hunter Marks, it should be 35 - 55 since the boost is 5x.

Instead it dealt 29 damage for this cast.


Thank you @Voq

Yeah, I noticed as well that something is not right because he keeps doing low damage even when all enemies are HM’d.

I wonder how many gems were wasted over the weekend due to this bug. 20 damage per troop per cast can be the difference between success and failure in the Delves.

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I had a few games where the extra damage would have got the whole team Blessed

I wonder if this bug is connected to the red cap bug (where non-targeted enemy hunter’s marks affected spell damage) that just got fixed?

I took a quick look back at the delve preview stream, and it looks bugged there too at 1:08:30. Salty’s Wendigo had base damage of 11 - 23 but it only hit for 14 damage when 2 enemies had Hunter Marks.



I am putting this here, just to make sure that developers will actually look at this problem directly.
Observe the video at 1:08:30. It confirms the bug.

Hey, unfortunately this is a known bug which we’re lookig into.

I’ve added it to the known issues list.


I don’t think this was a “known issue” until the OP reported it. So thanks @TheJord85! :grinning:

(At the very least the issue was added to the known issues list 8 hours ago.)


It wasn’t.