The Truth Revealed


The Imp Gazette reveales the TRUTH about The Silent One!

Read it here first folks!

An exclusive story!

The Silent One the love child of the Green Seer ond the Dokkalfar?

Unbelievable but true!
Through dangerous and painstacking research. Faced with satyr bouncers and swarms of spiders. Our intrepid reporters uncovered the truth. The Silent One - protector saint of an undisturbed night’s sleep - is in fact an elf!
Here is the PROOF :

The Imp Gazette - helping the Silent One reveal the elf in hims elf

The Imp Gazette - IMPorting the News for you!

~article authored by: the Summer Imp


And your medication…?


Waiting for the helicopter to fly it in :stuck_out_tongue:


Aight. But am telling you now. You are not riding this helicopter. Kappaface


No worries, I am not THAT crazy :smile_cat:


I don’t know man… I’ve seen thing that nobody elses.


Lolololololololololololol :joy:


Not really unrelated to this topic, but you can change the spell of silencer to SHUSH, thus his staff would be THE SHUSHER…

Sorry i just watched “Home”


Please tell me your brain always worked sidewise and I am not to blame :slight_smile: