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The real problem : Impervious

Ive been thinking alot on balance problems these times and this is definately one of the things that obstructs balance and is fixed the easiest;

Impervious on its own isnt that much of a problem when put on reasonable, weaker troops.
But with it on strong troops makes it so that they have no counter whatsoever, what exactly is the point of having all these status effects when you can just make a 4 legendary card team that all have impervious? All that remains is skull spam to take them down.

You see you create a bottleneck situation with such mechanisms. Its logical people go for the most optimal cards and when its so easy to make your whole team completely block literally all status effects theres just no space for anything but flat damage which is either skulls or true damage as people are getting used to oneshotting either single cards or whole teams … is that the game we all want? A “pacey” oneshot everything game with any deck that has as only variable its artwork? I dont. I thought most people that play this game have with me in common that we are passionate about deckbuilding instead of just slapping on every op card that gets released and auto win… Atleast i hope so.

Thing is with shifting out the depth of status effects with impervious theres no way back untill its changed or removed from the game. I’d vouch for leaving it on a very select few weaker cards for the sake of options or at the least making impervious only block poison and burn and nothing more.

Feel free to add your thoughts. (and yes its not just impervious thats a problem, oneshot garbage like devour and deathmark being overrepresented by the new “op card release meta” is probably the reason people needed it to begin with)

You forgot to mention that the trait is broken, my Great Maw and Kerberos can still devour Manticore with its impervious trait unlocked.

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