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Stealth Nerf to Impervious?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I was expecting my Impervious Elemaugrim to not be devoured. He was promptly devoured.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
um, maybe put Elemaugrim on your team and let the AI cheat its way to a free kill?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
No, I was so dumbfounded by the AI cheating by devouring my impervious Elemaugrim that I totally forgot to take a screenshot.

Known bug. Impervious doesn’t seem to be working properly since 3.1.


You’re a little late :wink:

To devs : please make top priority to fix this bug before next week GW start.

Yesterday my guildmate put all impervious deck against kerberos deck, his troops got devoured 3 times. He was so surprised and pissed. Also happened to other guildmate where his fully traited Elemaugrim devoured by Kraken.


a great time to place double kerberos beast team as defend i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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well, I haven’t been playing much lately. Game is not fun anymore, and with bugs like this even less so.

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It’s really annonying having a fully traited Elemaugrim devoured especially when they are just there for the impervious trait. I really hope this gets fixed before GW starts on Tuesday.

I agree…

You would have thought a bug of this caliber would have seen a hotfix. I don’t know what kind of guidelines the devs are under, though.

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right. either fixing the broken impervious, or worst case, turning off devour completely until it can be fixed.

I don’t even understand…why was anyone tampering with Devour or Impervious code at all?

[I assume it’s Devour, as Impervious still presumably works against other effects.]

It would not be a GoW patch without something that should not have been messed with gets a nice little imbalancing bug created. Have no fear though, I am sure it will be fixed in a year or so.

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You would think that it would be easy to understand. “Immune to Devour” means, well, IMMUNE to devour.

How such a HUGE bug could make it past all the testing is unbelievable. Obviously, your unit testing failed majorly, as did QA, etc.

Impervious doesn’t seem to prevent Mana Burn damage currently?

Just checked this, and see in this screenshot - my Wulfgarok (fourth troop on my side) just took heavy damage from Mab’s spell… (look at the enemy team, there is no direct damage there apart from Mab, no other way my Wulfgarok could have been hit…)


@Saltypatra pls draw to the team’s attention?


The OP of the “Known Issues” thread has a bullet point about Impervious not working correctly. No further elaboration there about which status effects are currently included.

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I noted they were very quick to nerf Princess Fizzbang but taking their sweet time fixing this bug. It is bad enough they cheat like hell firing off Devour every damn time for the AI even when the percentage chance is 40% or less. The complete lack of QC in this game is astounding.


But, there is also a Stealth buff! Impervious now protect from the Black Beast, as I posted in the known issue thread

Dont forget using more than 1 great maw now works. Not a good combo when impervious doesnt work



Just tried 2x maw.

Hes right. Not working correctly anymore. Lol

Some issues are easier to correct than others. Because of how the game data is stored, the Fizzbang “fix” was easy to push out. A fix for Impervious will likely require an update of the engine code, so it will occur on a slower time scale.

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