The Real Fix That We Need

A couple changes I feel they need to make.

  1. When the enemies turn is still going and you click your troop before they finish, please for the love of all things gems make it go at the speed your game is set to(4x speed most likely). Its ridiculous that the pause screen goes to 1x speed, there is no need for that.

  2. When you enter a battle it takes forever for the troop buffs to finish before you can start. Make this and number 1 a toggle on or off feature at least.

  3. Where is 8x speed lol? 12x speed? Instantaneous? Seriously 4x speed feels slow now.

Love the game. I can appreciate it more now since I remember when 1x speed was all there was, but I look forward to how they can make the game faster for those of us that value speed over everything else.