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Much Needed Improvements and Small Fixes

Hey Dev’s, these are some small and easy to implement but really much needed improvements that will surely make our gaming experience better.

1 - The sound effect that plays at the begging and during each battle as the troop stats are increased due to team bonuses or traits has got to GO! First, its played simultaneously more than 20x at the start of each battle which makes it way louder than anything else in the game (super annoying) and it’s just a mess because its duplicated so many times at higher levels when all troops are traited up. Then it plays at least once at the start of every turn. Please just get rid of it, the visual indication when stat icons grow bigger for a second is more than enough.

2 - Speaking of annoying sounds, the Mana Surge and Extra Turn voice gets really repetitive and super annoying too. Any sound effect you hear more than 20 times during a 2 minute battle is just irritating and not helpful. We already have the visual indication of extra turn via arrow up and you can just make the mana icon glow or blink for a second instead of saying Surge. At high lvl and with guild bonuses, this happens so often that he starts to say Mana Surge again before the first time has finished, I just heard it 7x in a span of 4 seconds, true story, I counted :tired_face: its ridiculous.

3 - The background image on the treasure hunt mini-game also needs another change. Patch-notes from a few months ago said you improved the contrast, I think you need another crack at it, as it is still really hard to look at for any length of time. Simply get rid of the see through squares completely so we have gray and black squares and it will be easy on the eyes.

4 - A Return to Home Screen button addition to all windows would be nice. Having to close multiple screens to return to world map is really annoying, especially since you guys put those buttons on opposite sides of the screen in different windows. Close window is top-right and go back one is top-left, then back to top right, this is just unnecessary.

5 - A quick cast button added to the unit portrait would be a great addition too. As soon as attack is available and the unit pic changes to spell pic, we should just have a small cast button appear on the spell pic itself or down between the unit stats, instead of having to open spell description and then hit the cast button in the middle of the screen. Small thing but very welcome to those with Carpal Tunnel and speed freaks like me who grind a lot for the guild.

So there, just a few small suggestions to make our sessions more enjoyable and less tedious, additional comments welcome here, lets make the game even more fun!


This may help you for these two points. I just turned off the sound.

I second turning off the sound: makes thing better.
However, sound is not the only problem. For example, animation for regeneration trait gets played every turn, despite the fact that the troop in question is at full health and there is no actual regeneration going on.

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I get that turning off sound is an option, but the Dev’s have obviously spent some time making them in the first place and some sounds are necessary to let you know whats going on, like that you didn’t get a second turn because unit is frozen for example. So for those who want a more enjoyable experience without being irritated my suggestions are preferable.

I cannot agree with you there Wrathanas. Good UI design requires that no information be delivered only by audio cue, to avoid making people with hearing disabilities disadvantaged in the game. There should be a visual cue as to why a second turn didn’t happen as well.

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Well that was my point to begin with. You can turn sound off if you want but shouldn’t have to just to avoid the repetitive annoying sounds. I only suggested getting rid of some of them because they already have visual cues (extra turn in treasure hunt and stat gain at start of battle) and others could be added or modified as needed. Note, I only suggested removing or modifying sounds that are unnecessarily duplicated or repeated so often in a single battle that you get sick of hearing them. So we actually are in agreement.

Wow, couldn’t disagree more! Actually, the question of “sound on or sound off?” came up in guild chat, and quite a few of us kept sound on specifically BECAUSE we like those chain mana surge alerts.

esc-esc brings you home from just about anywhere. If you’re on mobile, clicking the x then the blank space still backs you out. Adding another button on mobile = bad.

This should at least be an option. New people (like me!!!) need to be reminded of the spell they’re casting. Also, people already complain about how they cast the wrong spell - this would only worsen the likelihood - so, yeah, at most it should be an option.

Wait, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Either the sounds are important or they’re not. If they’re not, turn them off. If they are, they shouldn’t be eliminated.

I believe that generally, most would agree with OP.

In regards to the second suggestion, however, and I’m probably in the minority here on this one, I rather enjoy the incessant “Extra Turn” or “Mana Surge” notifications.

I suppose that I’ve just grown accustomed to associating it with something favorable cuz I’m a simpleton and need constant positive reinforcement. :upside_down_face:

Well I can’t help with that. sorry.

I turned off sound and just listen to music when I play, the sounds in game aren’t required for me to know what’s going on.

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Same here, i always have pandora on. Haven’t heard “mana surge” since probably my second day playing. I wasn’t even aware there were sounds for status affects. The animations for them don’t require any additional noises to figure out what’s what. Frozen may be a bit difficult to see at 4x speed when a troop is burning but when i’m playing against mab i just slow myself down and pay extra attention. I’d go mad with the sound on!

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Hey guys, thanks for the input. I just want to say that if you don’t even use or care for the sound effects in the game then this post doesn’t even affect you in any way. Obviously the intent here is to make the game more enjoyable for those like me who still like to use SFX. Cabiz, I don’t know what level you are but once you go over 800 and have guild and kingdom bonuses, you’ll get a mana surge on just about every match and so will your pvp opponents, which means you’ll hear that voice every second, or several times a second if you play fast, I don’t know about you guys but that gets pretty irritating to me. So I’m just looking for a reasonable compromise between no sound and too much repetitive sound. After all, adding an audio setting that allows you do tick off and disable individual sound effects (of which there are only few annoying ones) is not unreasonable. From a programming point of view that’s not a big deal. Oh and the quick cast button, yes it shouldn’t replace the option to open the spell description but be added to the portrait, at least on the PC version, I can totally see that on mobile that would be too small to be useful.