The Puds under new Leadership easy going no rules PS4 Guild

Hi are Guild is Ranked 130 and is at Level 84 with 160% gold bonus we have room for 11 players of any level,all we ask is 750 to 1,000 Seals a week.So everyone in the Guild as a chance of better Seal key drops (probably still get rubbish lol).So if your interested then PSN Sir-Waylander your invite code.

I would like to join. Invite code is VOLDIN_8XSH

Your invite as been sent welcome to the Puds

After nearly a year of running Robin Puds Merry Men I’ve decided to step down as Guild Owner,as I left yesterday the Guild was Ranked 128 with 21 members,it’s a Guild for all levels with no rules so if interested in joining please send your invite code to PSN MadMartin70 and not here as I’ll not be checking this post any more.

Why did you leave our guild without saying anything or replying to my messages?

News update I did answer your message like I said I didn’t want another grind so after 100,000 gold and 28 trophies I decided to move on.You have a top Guild very friendly group but I wanted something different so you now have room for someone else,did you post here before or after my private message telling you i’d up dated my forum post?
This was meant to be left free so MadMartin could carry on with the Puds there was no need to post here a PM would have been just as quick.Also people are free to move too and fro between Guilds they don’t own anyone or anything as long as they help out with gold,trophies and Seals whilst their there.

Lets try again if your looking for a easy going no rules PS4 Guild then look no further than Robin Puds Merry Men,play at your own pace and just enjoy the Guild.

If interested PSN MadMartin70 with your invite code