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The new bounty troop is super ugly!

If that thing walks int o Pan’s Vale the other bunnies will hunt it down and fry it on a stick.

I recognized this sad tendency, the last 3-4 bounty troops are extremely ugly. I know that nobody uses these troops outside of bounty event but looking at those ugly things for 3 days are not good.

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Haha. Saw this post after commenting on the bounty thread.

I love the art personally. Yep, ugly bunny, but very cool art. Kudos to the art team.

I think the other Pan’s Vale bunnies would run. :rofl:

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Lucky for me, it was entangled most of the time, so I only had to look parts of it…

Yep. There are a couple of disgusting cards too in the pack. But fortunately you don’t you them for their beauty, but for their values :nerd_face:.

Yes, l think the bunny is not ugly.