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I am looking to join a new guild. Here is what I am looking for:

  • The guild must have a good and fair Leader that threats everyone equally, and do not wait
    with actions such as kicking members that has not reached the requirement for the week.
  • The Guild needs to be in Bracket 1 or 2 and take GW seriously.
    That means that all the Sentinels must be at 3 or higher.
    Players must do their Guild War battles every day.
  • The requirements might be 40K Guild Seals reached before Friday, but this especially counts towards the Mythic release weeks. Guild Requirement must at least be 200 trophies and 500k+ a week.
    (I can at least do 500 trophies and donate 1 million Gold a week.)
  • The guild must be able to do all the basic tasks and exceed 10 Legendary tasks.
  • Have a good group of people, adults, no wannabees or braggers.

Let me know, if you have a place for me.

Best Regards,


Good luck brudda! I will help keep you bumped😎


Thank you! :wink:


Sounds like Intrim 2 might fit your bill. Our reqs are 300/500/1500, and we have a lovely community with mostly adults, no wannabes, and only one obnoxious braggart. Mezmoron, MerXian, and Saluki are fair leaders that threat everyone equally, and confer with each other and other members of the guild rather than making rash decisions themselves. They are certainly not afraid to kick an underperformer.

As for guild tasks, we make all of the basic tasks and usually a handful of legendary tasks in I2- I’d say averaging 10 a week. I1 makes more than that if you can keep up with their >100 trophies a day pace, but I prefer my sanity, or what’s left of it. We have been in bracket 1 the last 3 weeks, and never fell below 3 (which we dipped into once before the bracket movement was fixed). We typically have all or most of the battles done every day, but we won’t kick people for missing a day and making it up later. Sometimes sleep is more important than staying up to do 5 battles. We do, however, require all 30 battles done by Sunday.

We have no seals requirements outside of 1500, so we do hit 40k usually around Friday or Saturday. We did have 40k this Thursday night for the mythic release, but we don’t have any policy in place to do so- we just did it because XLS really wanted us to. Good enough reason.

Any further questions, ask away! We won’t likely be able to take you in right now, but we may have space by the end of the week.


Thanks for your offer! But sadly I cant see myself end up in any of the Intrims. All because of the past and past conversations I had with you guys. I wish you all the best tho.


I wish you the best of luck. It’s a shame that you aren’t on ps4, we’d be perfect for each other.


Thank you a lot mate.


Actually been thinking of starting out on PC. Keep hearing how different it is. Not sure if that is true. Though think might be fun.


Hey lets not bury @Eika’s request here guys


Its okay, good people are allowed to post here mate.


Just to keep it fresh


Marthos Guardians is recruiting. We are ranked #5 overall and require the following per week: 300 Trophies, 1,300 seals and $500k. Overall we are a hardworking, yet mellow guild.


Thanks for the interests, but I am not interested in joining you.


Considering your long list of demands, and that you’ve already shot down 3 of the possible 19 teams you could go to, maybe it would be easier if you just listed which teams are “acceptable” to you and see if any of those want you.


@beanie42 it sounds like you are offended by @Eika saying no to people…


Please, you do not tell me what to do. I cant stand such behaviour. I currently are working with 2 guilds for a possible spot, but I am open to listening to other offers as well. If you have a problem with this thread, mute it for god sake.


May I ask why? If there’s something we can improve upon, I’m all ears. Thanks


I don’t want to bash you, because you are a great group of people. But, I am looking for a guild where there is a leader that I can respect. Thats all.