Looking for a new guild for me and my friend

Our current guild has fallen from ~70ish in GW to around 130, and I’ve managed to hit Paragon every week since the Unity patch hit PC except for the two weeks I was on holiday.
I got a friend of mine playing about a half year back and I would like to stay together.

Lvl 820. All kingdoms five starred or better. Only missing several mythics.
Donating all my gold income to guild after putting sentinels at 4/3/3/4, however little or much is left.
Doing around 700-800 seals a week guaranteed.
Doing 30/30 GW battles with full on-color teams, typically managing 40K or more points there.
Trophies are a side effect of doing GW and finishing reaching PvP tier 1, so probably not much.

Basically I am more into collecting mode, and I don’t want to feel forced to do more than just GW battles and tier 1 PvP each week. There might be weeks I do a lot more though.

Lvl 283. Building heavily.
Hitting 1000 seals each week or more
Participating in GW, but not typically with good scores

I’m looking for a guild that is somewhere between places 30 and 90 in GW and can maintain that, as I understand that my participation level is not enough for the really high level guilds. Besides, I don’t want to get stressed out by this game.

PM me if you’re interested in me and my friend

Hi Kharybdys

You might want to check Intrim family recruitment thread.

See if it fits for you and your friend. :slight_smile:


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Intrim totally digs the White Ajah :wink:

Kharybdys? Your friend wouldn’t happen to be Scylla, now, would they?

No, that’s reserved for my husband.

Siedlerpartie is currently looking for two players.
We are rank 105 and slowly rising, GW Bracket 9.
Guild is austrian/german and worldwide - chat german and english.

We could need the help of two good players to get back to bracket 5 or 6.

There are no minimum contributions, all statues 100+. We do most tasks - 4 to 6 statues complete each week, sometimes legendaries.

Would be great to welcome you and your friend.

If you are interested look for heroes united guild . Its a fun and no stres guild. The requirements are good. For more info visite our page.