The hamster wheel ranked 84 Req 1500 Guild Seals


The Hamster Wheel looking for 1 new fresh live Hamster to fill are cage,requirements be active,try GW’s,collect your Guild Seals and help out with Trophies,keep your gold level Kingdoms first.
A fun and laid back Guild with 15 out of 28 all taking up the Hamster into their name,we have group chat and party chat if that’s your thing.
Guild info we are Level 57 and Ranked 317 in only 36 days,two of us are in the top 50 on PvP everyweek,we have hit 40k Guild Seals the past 2 weeks and so far we have 5 of the Tasks complete Green is on 8 so will be finished before reset.
If your interested in joining us and are active please private message Sir-Waylander


All Tasks finished today


Guild up date time again the Guild is 43 days old and is Level 65 and we are Ranked 264 as I post this.There are 3 Tasks complete with Blue on its last level,we usually keep the other 2 at level 10.By doing this we can finish all Tasks every few weeks.
I am bring in requirements still easy to do but I want to weed out the freeloaders from the Guild so the requirements are:- Do Guild Wars…Collect 1500 Seals…60 Trophies and 10,000 gold for anyone still leveling there Kingdoms up.
The guild is still being carried by the 5 1000+ players but we are happy to do so as long as everyone helps out.
PSN Sir-Waylander if interested in joining us.


Just need 1 member to fill up the Hamster Wheel we finished the Blue Task yesterday,and as a group we dropped the 100 trophies to 60 as some low levels still find it hard in PvP.So I changed to 60 as it’s 2 runs of the Arena.
PSN Sir-Waylander if interested in joining us.


Hey there waylander63, I saw your post and would be interested in joining your guild. I am level 366 and an active player. Let me know if you’d be interested in having me join. Thank you.


welcome to the Guild Otaku


Guild update we are now 51 days old the Guild level is 74 with are Ranking being 218,Bracket 122 in Guild Wars yes easy times lol.
The Tasks we complete 3 or 4 everyweek with the rest around level 9 or 10,there’s 2 of us in the top 50 on PvP every week,Laser always beats me oh well :frowning:
The requirements are really simple if your still levelling your Kingdoms all I ask is 10,000 gold but it’s up to each person the amount they put in.
Do Guild Wars doe’s not have to be everyday just finished by Sunday,1,500 Guild Seals or as close as you can get and 60 trophies to help rank the Guild up.
There’s 5 level 1000 players here and another good player would be great to help take some of the load off Laser and my shoulders.
If interested in joining us please private message me PSN Sir-Waylander


Guild up date we are now Ranked 196 with 4 of the Tasks already complete,working on the last level of the Brown Task.
Looking for a active player some don’t know what the word active means,so if your interested easy requirements,good group of people.Either in group chat or party chat everyday,then message little old me Sir-Waylander


Hi. I’d like to join. I make around 100 trophies every week and seals almost always maxed out.


Welcome Kuguelle to the Wheel


Guild up date we are now 63 days old and Ranked 173 and just working on the last 2 levels to finish all Tasks again this week.
There’s 6 level 1000 plus players here with another one joining Sunday,we have some low levels so i’m hoping for a good player to help out with gold and Trophies.
It’s a game NOT a full time job so we aim to have fun be it group chat or party chat so if your up for being a Hamster then come join us.
If interested please message Sir-Waylander as I don’t always check this everyday,sorry to busy spinning my Wheel.
PSN Sir-Waylander


If you have an open in your guild I would like to join if possible. I’m above level 200 and working on leveling my kingdoms. I’ve hit max guild seals since I started playing and the last two guild wars I won all matches.
Right now I’m in a guild that has max members but only 8 are active (including myself).
I’m looking just for a more active guild. The 10K weekly is no problem thanks to I usually do PVP and explore.


I’m sorry for missing your post about joining The Hamster Wheel it’s been a little crazy the last week or so,and as I said I don’t always check the forum posts.I ask people to message Sir-Waylander if interested in joining that’s the quickest way.


Ok time for a Guild update we lost a few people because of the Raid Boss and Invasion they were sick of the grind and left.
So we have a few places waiting to be filled
Guild is Ranked 125 Level 115 we get all Tasks finished no later than Tuesday mostly Monday,we get 40,000 Guild Seals a week.The last two weeks we did 6 and 7 Legendary Tasks we will be down as we lost about 4.5 million in gold with people leaving,so until back to ful strength probably 2 Legendarys will get finished.
The requirements are really simple 10,000 gold if still working on Kingdoms…75 plus Trophies…1000 plus Guild Seals…Guild Wars finished by Sunday and try your best with Invasion and Raid Boss.
There’s a couple of us old farts in party chat everyday so your welcome to joins us…
If interested in joining PLEASE message PSN Sir-Waylander


Look me up on ps4 I have a few who need a casual guild for a bit, santandrix.


Thanks mate will do :smile:


Hamster Family Guild Update
It’s Monday 3:08 pm UK time just coming up to finishing off the 5th Task with just good old Green to do.
Still looking for 3 Hamsters of any level to join us we are a friendly bunch of misfits from all over the World,but we are a family you just need to see are group chat.The guild as a good mix a couple of young adults and 2 Husband and Wife teams and 7 Females in total.
If interested in joining PSN Sir-Waylander


Guild Update we will break into the Top 100 Guilds this week and there’s a small change to Guild requirements from the 26th of March.10,000 gold if working on Kingdoms…1000+ Guild Seals…110+ Trophies…Finish Guild Wars by Sunday…Raid Boss and Invasion use your free Sigils.
We get all Tasks finished on a Monday and do around 6 or 7 Legendary Tasks each week,we also reach 40,000 Guild Seals.
Anyone interested in joining us please send a private message to PSN Sir-Waylander


Guild update we reached are target of Rank 99 last week are requirements are the same as stated above.
We are looking for 3 active players wanting to join in the friendly group of Hamsters,we have a good group of people,two of us are in party chat everyday and we have a group chat where everything is talked about lol.
PSN Sir-Waylander if your interested in joining us.


Guild update we are now Ranked 96 and looking for 2 active players are reqs are not crazy:- 1000+ Guild Seals…110+ Trophies…Gold up to each person but the more in the more everyone gets out…Guild Wars finished by Sunday…Use your free Sigils on the Raid Boss & Invasion.
PSN Sir-Waylander if your interested in joining us.