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Looking for active Guild top100 (Closed)

Level 1082 active daily. In a guild that is slowly coming to an end. Can contribute 500k+ a week and all 1500 seals.
Looking for a guild with similar players who do the same plus wars.
Ideally would like to join a top 100 guild.
Username DOGBOT_F6BS

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Hey Dogbot, my guild, Winter Dragon, has slots available right now. We have 27 members, 101 rank in the league, and on average in bracket 6 for GW. We are a casual guild; we only require our members to stay active on a weekly basis. Let me know if you would like to join.

Dogbot hi i’m Druss of the Hamster Wheel we are ranked 106 but will be in the top 100 this week,we have all tasks finished Monday and 6 or 7 legendary tasks a week.Raid Boss and Invasion we get to Portal/Stage 8 each time,if interested then private message PSN Sir-Waylander

Thanks all but been given a big warm hug by Vendetta and settled in with them.
Thanks for any invitations, but can’t see me moving on