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Hamster Wheel ranked 63 Looking for 5 members or to join forces with another Guild PS4

Hamster Wheel Ranked 81 reqs 1500 Guild Seals and GW’s finished by Sunday,use free Sigils to help us get better rewards from Events,gold and trophies up to you as it’s your Guild.All Tasks finished and 40k Guild Seals a week.PSN Sir-Waylander if interested in joining us.

Now Ranked 79 with a couple of places to fill PSN Sir-Waylander if interested in joining us.

The Hamster Wheel ranked 70 pretty close to 69 if they just stopped playing for a few days lol,have a couple of places to fill for active players.
Our reqs 1500 Seals and Guild Wars please use your free Sigils on the boring Raid Boss and Invasion WHY you ask simple we all get some Orbs baby :slight_smile:,gold and trophies our up to each person but the more in the better the rewards to everyone.
We get all Tasks done and we our working on the 3rd Legendary Task this week,also we hit 40k Guild Seals every week.
We have a group chat setup if your into talking to people from around the World.

If interested in joining us please private message PSN Sir-Waylander

The Guild is rebuilding we have a few places left with new requirements starting reset Monday,we get all Tasks done and some Legendary Tasks plus 40,000 Guild Seals.

The reqs as of Monday 350,000 gold…1500 Guild Seals…140+ Trophies…Use your Sigils on the Invasion but it’s up to you if you do the Raid Boss.People say the Events take too long so we will target the Invasion using more gems to get it finished with luck.

If interested in joining us please private message me on PSN Sir-Waylander with your invite code or questions.

At the moment we are ranked 63 but should be rank 61 by reset,there’s 5 places free at the minute for active players or I’m willing to join two guilds together as long as they can do the Guilds reqs.
Guild reqs 350k gold…1500 guild seals…140 plus trophies…guild wars and invasion a must…raid boss up to each person if they play it.
People still working on kingdoms then keep your gold but do the other parts of the guilds reqs.
we have a group chat for general chat and to post pet rescues also if people want to chat i’m happy to party chat as well.
We get all Tasks done early and do some Legendary Tasks as well plus do 40k seals

PSN Sir-Waylander for more info or to send your invite code Thanks for your time

Any spots open? Lvl 570 and active. PSN FiveZeroHERO. Thanks

Sorry I disbanded the Guild a few months back I needed a break from Gems and no one would take over the running of the Guild while I was away.