The guy with the background sweaters.. ;D Enjoy!

Click on it to view all the pictures… :sweat_smile::joy:


What a man :flushed:

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A real hero, thats for sure! :slight_smile:

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The hero we deserve!

What the hell is going on with his hair…? He’s got like 5 haircuts in 1!! LOL.

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Well, thank God for differently hair styles! :relieved:

This man is amazing, he deserves all the fame he is getting.

He looks terribly happy just to be himself which is awesome!

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Exactly, he gives a damn about what other thinks of his hobby, as long as he loves it and it makes him happy - nobody can stop him. :smiley:

The Stonehenge one is my favourite… Can I buy that sweater?

…I bet @esslee would like it too :smiley:


I have to admit that in Norway when it gets a little cold, its not about getting a sweater that looks good, but rather warm. :slight_smile:

I love how he has short-sleeved sweaters for the hot locations…