Pretty Profiles!


Have you all taken a look at your player profiles yet? They’re a lot cooler than what we had on the old forum!
Among other things you can…
-Set a custom display picture from anywhere
-Set a background
-Add a bit about you
-Add your invite code
-And add a special background for when people click on your little icon around the forum.

If I see some some pretty and filled profiles this week, I might give out little nice things! You also get a forum badge for completing it!


Oh goodness, so many pictures to make… lots of customization options too, plus we can see all the stuff you guys do and whether we want it or not on the site or on e-mail. Very precise page, well done! Now if only I could make awesome pictures… ah well… I’ll do my best with paint and meshing images…


My background pick is the best. :blush:


Perhaps I should rephrase that as creative rather than pretty. My concept of either is pretty loose :stuck_out_tongue:


When looking at the Badges it hints at a “title” feature? Is it for specific badges only or is it something not enabled at all?


I prefer IPB, but this forum system seems cool too :smiley:


Hey @CrowdedWorlds check out mine now! added some (okay obviously stolen) artwork…

Please can you explain what the User Card Background is for?

Also, what’s the User Card Badge (and how does it work? doesn’t seem to for me…)


If you click on the round avatar of another poster here in the thread, you’ll have a small User Card pop up. A mini profile so to speak. You can set a different background for that than the one you have in your proper profile.

For example if you click on my avatar, you’ll see a black and white sketch of a panda bear nibbling on bamboo - that is my User Card Background. If you then go to my profile, you’ll see a full colour sketch of a goblin mechanic lounging in front of a rocket - my Profile Background.


Thanks Melkathi!


ok, I decided to pimp my profile with some very old pictures from back in the day, when I was playing Second Life. Suits just fine since my name was Marvel Kit there and I use it ever since for online games. I even had a pet dragon then, goes by the name Maud, after my ex-wife (“finally tamed the dragon”). :smile:
The sixpack is of course true to life! Hehehe.


Dragons and wives are like cats: un-tameable. They just pretend to play along. :smiling_imp:


This doesn’t count for EX-wives. :stuck_out_tongue:


If she’s an ex, you’re just proving my point then! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is a Wife-EX like a Pokemon-EX?


I’m so out of touch I had to google that reference. :cold_sweat:




Finally caught up on this thread, everyone got 5 Gems for their efforts of making things look great :slight_smile:

If it’s what I think you’re referring to, it’s related to your forum trust level (like how it marks me as a leader… I should come up with cooler names for these at some point).
I do have a vague memory of something to do with titles and badges, but didn’t think it was turned on. Feel free to remind me :slight_smile:


Is this what you think I am refering to? If yes, then it is :smile: