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The Guild "Krokodyle" (rank 129) looks for loyal members

We are about 20 devoted daily players that fulfill all weekly guild tasks, make at least 20000 seals a week and are eager to win the daily guild war battles. We could do so much more together with YOU!
We have low requirements, yet are ambitious nonetheless. If you are a daily player who enjoys the game casually, you are welcome to join. Just leave a message on our message board https://tinyurl.com/krokodyle (here you also find the requirements).
We are also open for a guild fusion or for a whole group of players that want to join.

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Polska gildia?
Polish team?

It’s international, we use English language for communication.

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T FLUSH is my invite code. I am ranked just over 1000. Like the sound of your guild. Similar to mine. Leaving within the hour.

I have left my guild and am available for recruitment.