Active player searches active guild - closed

Hi people,

I’m playing actively gems of war every day.

Just left my last guild as only 5-7 people from 30 played regularly, which was quite frustrating from time to time.

I’m level 305 and reach ~1500 seals a week, win almost all guild wars matches every day, gold contribution is currently varying a little bit as I’m concentrating on farming souls and traits in the moment which is not in pvp.

I’m searching for a very active but “casual” guild, where most people are playing and contributing every day and where also the social exchange in the guild chat is on a good level.

I just want to have fun playing gems of war with other people on a good high regular level.

Best regards


Hi Demaio,

Stratagemini is the place for you.
We are a core of former members of stratagem, our sister guild.
The guil is new (3 weeks) but already strong with players lvl 1000 +, we are actually 25, we are waiting for big recrutes for sunday or monday.
We will be soon able to achieve all the tasks.
If you are interrested, a spot is available for you.
See you soon,

hi, we will be happy if you would like to join us.
Send me a msg with your invite code if you are interested.

Was your last guild my guild Fantasy Fighters by chance? Just noticed, after I just got back from a trip and was working on refreshing the guild to try to get it more active, that we had one of our top members leave with absolutely no warning.

Hey guys,

thank youall for your efforts and invitations. I did not suggest to receive so much invitations.

I joined now a new guild.

Cheers demaio