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Guild Krokodyle looking for new members

Guild: Krokodyle
Requirements: 500+ GS

Hello warriors! Are you looking for Guild which has active players doing tasks and making Guild Seals, so you can get great Chests and Guild Task rewards?
If you are, you are welcome in our Guild!
We guarantee nice atmosphere and friendly people!

The only thing we require from our members is to make at last 500 Guild Seals per week, which is very easy, as you surely know.

If you are interested, just reply with your invite name to me.

See you soon!


invite NZRV plz

Invitation sent. Welcome! :tada:

Currently we do together over 8k seals per week. Still need more members so we all get better chests.

Currently we have 25 members, and we’recommend doing over 20k seals per week.
Our minimum requirement is to be active and to do 300 guild seals per week which is very easy.
New players are welcome, as we do our best to help everyone, and do tasks to help you enjoy the game :slight_smile: